WordPress Killer Theme: Headway Version 2.0 Released

The one theme to end it all released Version 2.0 today: Headway 2.0

Its not an affiliate link, and I don’t get paid, yada, yada yada….

If you run ANY WordPress at all, you have to check out that theme. What’s so special? Well, how about designing your blog in real-time with a drag-and drop WYSIWYG interface, where you can see how your content looks as you’re building it?

Would you like a widget to display horizontally between your header and your columns? Go ahead, add it, size it, move it, then add the widgets in there.

Changed your mind and would you prefer that to be a left-hand thin column with a navigation menu. Go ahead, re-size it and drag it to the side.

Want to change some colors around? You can see the changes instantly. Want to style with CSS? Go ahead.

Speaking of CSS – This blog is running the older version of Headway and has ZERO custom CSS.

Good SEO? Forget about SEO plug-ins, this does it for you.

Like more control? Headway has hooks *everywhere* and you can put your code in them via a built-in interface. On this blog I’m using a hook that comes right after every post content gets displayed – it calls up the NegBox girls for display.

Way too many unique features. Lets just say it beats the crap out of everything else I’ve tried, even Thesis and the Affiliate/Squeeze Themes. I bought a developer license a while back for about $160 and I’ve leveraged the heck out of it. Now every time I want to start a campaign that includes a blog, I save about 12 horus of hunting for the right theme and get straight to business. Love it.