Woopra Does Jaw-Dropping Site Analytics

Woopra is an Analytics tool I picked up after peeking under the hood while doing some competitive research. It really kicks Google where the sun don’t shine in many areas.

The amount of stats is impressive, the way its presented looks almost like one of those Wired magazine InfoPorn infographics – Heck, you can even set a real-time visitor color-coded world map to display full screen on any monitor you’re running, separate from the main app. Ever fancy a Network Operations Control Center-style setup? Here’s your chance.

They’ve recently added funnel analysis and some other deep bells and whistles that use can use to build a dashboard with your own KPIs.

I has a nice WordPress plug-in, soon using asynchronous JavaScript, as well as plug-ins for a ton of other platforms… Not that adding a bit of Javascript is difficult. Check it out, its free for a lot of visitors, then they offer reasonable plans.

Here’s a screenshot of a drill-down into the activities of a single user across two months, it even includes the comments the visitor posted, files downloaded, etc and pretty much everything is clickable to filter and sort.

Woopra Returning Visitor Details

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Its so good for content-rich sites like a blog that I’ve shut off Google Analytics – Woopra crushes it for these sites.