Time Management

A friend forwarded this promotional e-mail advertising a coaching group. The coaching group is probably useless – it is how THEY make money, not how YOU can make money – Small but key difference. However this e-mail contains excellent observations and advice. If you truly take the advice on this e-mail and put it to use, you won’t need whatever they are selling.


Poor people are cheap with their money.

Rich people are cheap with their TIME.

Read those two sentences again. (It’s okay. I’ll wait.)

‘Cause until you get that… and start living accordingly? You’ll continue to hold yourself back.

It’s funny.

Everyone’s heard the cliche: “Time is your most valuable asset.”

But nobody’s acting like it.

Instead, they’re:

> Watching three hours of Netflix a night.

> Reading celebrity gossip blogs.

> Refreshing Facebook 293 times a day.

> Worried about what Kylie just shared on Instagram.

> Monkeying around with Snapchat selfie filters.

> Doing research for their f*cking fantasy league.

> Gossiping.

> Clipping coupons.

> Driving 45-minutes out of the way to take advantage of that sale.

> Booking flights with long layovers just to save $125.

> Camping out in front of the Apple store to get the latest iPhone.

> Standing in line for an hour to get a free sample of pulled pork at the new barbecue joint.

> Sitting in traffic 90-minutes a day to get to and from some soul-sucking job.

> Rotting away in a cubicle eight hours a day… to make someone else rich.

> Going out for beers with Bob, then listening to Bob bitch about traffic and his soul-sucking job.

> Giving in to conspicuous consumption.

> Pursuing side hustles that are too competitive.

> Building businesses that pay too little, too slow… that are short-lived… and can’t scale.

> And so on and so forth.


You picking up what I’m putting down?

See how pathetic this looks on paper?

The rich know better. (That’s why they’re rich.)

They don’t whore out their time.

They understand: every hour counts.

So, instead of pissing precious minutes down their leg?

They’re busy building business systems that create cash flow.

(Large, controllable, scalable income streams… where the math is working for, and not against them.)

Then, instead of blowing it on material goods, they invest it… to create more income that’s entirely passive.

Toys come later, sure, but only AFTER freedom is secured.

Is this starting to make sense?

Rich people go left when poor people go right:

They’d never spend time pinching pennies; they’d rather spend money to buy back more time.

But the majority will never truly appreciate this. Which is why they’ll stay shackled to the status quo for the rest of their lives.

And continue to say things like:

“Why pay for coaching when I could find all the information for free online?”

Free? Really? So your time is worth nothing?

You’re gonna comb through billions of pages and magically piece together a process that works?

How long’s that gonna take?

How many dead-ends are you gonna go down?

How many mistakes are you gonna make?

How many YEARS might that set you back?

I’ll say it again:

Poor people are cheap with their money.

Rich people are cheap with their TIME.

This is why Jess and I continuously buy books, courses, mentoring and masterminds. We invest in shortcuts.

We get it. It costs way too much time not to.

Instead of drowning in free information, we’d rather pay someone… who already has what we want… to tell us what e can IGNORE.

Instead of cutting out coupons to save $25, we fire up ad campaigns that make us $2,500/mo.

Instead of reading about the Kardashians, we pick up a book.

Instead of long lines, rush hour traffic and unnecessary layovers, we choose to make marketing… like this… that’ll put on overalls and “shovel shit” for us, day in and day out, for years to come.

And no, we’re not perfect.

We can’t wait for the next episode of Silicon Valley. And we like material things just as much as the next person.

But we’re aware.

And we’re making fewer and fewer mistakes.

We’re getting cheaper with our time and smarter with our money.

As a result, we’ve given freedom a high-five and we’re well on our way to wealth, about 50 years ahead of schedule.


This may not be for you.

But this message is.

If you wanna live a good-ass life while you’re still young enough to enjoy it?

F*cking cherish every minute.

‘Cause sooner or later you will run out.

Invest them wisely,