“The Drip” Membership Site Management is for Smart Marketers and Retarded Customers

I absolutely hate the “Drip”. We’re talking about the modern membership site’s way of keeping you on forever by dripping you new content slowly.

My two reasonably-sounding stories:

1 – I’m a batch person. I’m also a guy (like you couldn’t tell).  Men try to optimize and maximize movements, time, etc – as opposed to organize. Men optimize, women organize. Men like cool, Women like Cute. Men make and break, Women sort and file. Having the tools ready for when I need them works best. In the case of learning, I want to have the entire book ready for the airport delay – not two fucking pages.

2 – I learn at my own pace. Everybody does. Ergo, nobody learns at the “drip” pace. I don’t give a flying crap if the content drip gives you more money – My time is way more valuable than whatever you’re charging for your product, so you’re making it a losing proposition.

So what do you think savvy folks do when they bump into an info product they really want, but find it behind a drip system? Walk away? Yeah, right. We all flow through the path of least resistance – the path is not the same for everyone – figure out what those 3-4 paths are and monetize them before you lose the money to a .torrent or mediafire upload.