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    Work Sucks, I Know 

    In an e-mail from BlueSteps

    On March 25th we asked you to tell us about your work-life balance in 2009-10. The results so far indicate that:

    • 53% of senior executives surveyed do not have a satisfactory work-life balance
    • 78% see work-life balance as critical in their decision to join or remain with an employer, yet 80% report that their employer does not have a program to improve work-life balance
    • 69% believe that a modern lifestyle (e.g. globalisation and new technology) has decreased their leisure time
    • 54% say that work-life balance and increased earnings are of equal importance

    Do I have to add anything to this?

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    The Five Stages of Rat Race Grief 

    Scientists have identified the emotions that permeate the weeks of Rat Race 9-to-5 white-collar ass-to-the-leather work. They align perfectly with the Kübler-Ross model – more commonly known as the five stages of grief.

    Stage 1 – Denial
    Onset: Sunday Afternoon
    Typical Thoughts: “Tomorrow will never come. This afternoon will last forever. Monday isn’t happening. Is it 2012 yet? Maybe I’ll die in my sleep tonight”

    Stage 2 – Anger
    Onset: Monday Morning
    Typical Thoughts: “Why am I stuck in this piece of shit job? These people suck and I have to work for them! Agh! I hate this”

    Stage 3 – Bargaining
    Onset: Tuesday Noon
    Typical Thoughts: “Maybe I can take Friday off. If I can just take Friday off, everything will be fine, I can get through this week. ”

    Stage 4 – Depression
    Onset: Wednesday Mid-Morning
    Typical Thoughts: “Its no use – I’ve got meetings back-to-back. I won’t be able to take Friday off and it looks like I need to come in on Saturday to finish those TPS reports – my life sucks. I should just quit and be a beach bum, or move to the mountains and live off nature. ”

    Stage 5 – Acceptance
    Onset: Friday Morning
    Typical Thoughts: “Its Friday!  I can get through just a few more hours of this. I can do it – Just a little longer and I get to be Freeeeee!”

    Rinse-and-repeat some 50 times during the year, some 2000 times during your lifetime, and when you’re done you get to have dinner at IHOP with the senior menu… at 3PM.

    Life doesn’t suck, it bites, it chews and it spits out!

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    Nobody on Their Death Bed Wished They Had Spent More Time at the Office 

    Why do folks do endless loops? Last time I ran a business with employees, I felt like I was running a marathon with no time to look back. You do what you do and keep going – Did it turn out ok? Great. Did it turn out bad? Damn, make a note and above all, keep moving. The main focus for me running my company was to GET OUT OF THE WAY. If I was in the way of something, it wouldn’t get done, since I had true overload of stuff – I was plenty busy getting out of the way so things and people would “Run with it”. I would ask people to just figure it out and do it – My motto was “I trust you” in the case of people managing people, I always made it clear “I will back you up 100% no matter what – it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong, I don’t care – I care about CONSISTENCY and getting it DONE”.

    Now I’m stuck in Groundhog Day with the Red Queen.

    I’m in a meeting to prepare for the meeting in preparation for the meeting we need to prepare for the real meeting.

    These people take themselves way too seriously. Tomorrow I’ve got a single four-hour conference call. Gotta be shitting me.

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    Expensing Lap Dances & Dancing with Poles 

    Having worked in corporate Sales, this video struck home when I saw it a couple of years ago. Its simply hilarious. Just got a memo from the Rat Maze Overlords saying something about not taking customers to “indecent entertainment” or some other euphemism… In other words: Folks, don’t take customers to nightclubs or brothels – depending on your location.

    Meanwhile…  Azoogle wants to take everyone to the PlayBoy Mansion for a “Job Well Done” or a “Well Done Blow Job”, I’m not sure yet – Jeremy sure has a big grin on his face in this picture.

    Azoogle Ads Contest PlayBoy Mansion 2010

    Boy… What a stark contrast!

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    Checked my stats – Another conversion on Friday – I can’t wait to watch it on ClickTale! … I’ve got to play in the Rat Race this morning, though. Mega-hyper bummer. I’m getting the feeling that my landing page conversion rate is really goo, but that this would rock if I could get it tuned as I mentioned earlier.

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    I’m here tweaking graphics for The Man… The Man owns my most basic rights: Health. Try getting good healthcare outside the corporate world – welcome to the world of pre-existing conditions and shitty/unaffordable plans.

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    The near-midnight question… Do I stay up catching up to the other Rats in the Rat Race, in fear that I might get smacked for falling behind? Or do I keep trying to get out of the maze?

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    Working on this while working at the Rat Race is difficult to say the least. Did I mention I also have a life? I’m not talking about dating and having beer with the buddies – I’m talking the real deal, house, wife kids and pets. I’ve got a lot of stuff to keep up with. Man, if I was 20 and lived in my parent’s basement, this would be a no-brainer – the main challenge would be to get my hands off my weiner. Now, many years after leaving my parent’s cocoon, this is harder than freaking brain surgery.

    But that’s ok… I’ve been through much-much worse than this and made it out in one piece. I remember the feeling back then – it used to feel like I was dancing on a high wire with no safety net. No margin for error – I couldn’t get sick or take a break. I have to admit every once in a while I miss the feeling: Man against the world, pedal to the metal, to the wire, dancing on the edge of the razor, sword of Damocles over my head, aligning the planets for either success or the most epic fail ever seen.

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    This year's bonus check was… Disappoi… 

    This year’s bonus check was… Disappointing. After taxes, its going to pay for my littlest one’s one-night-stay at the hospital earlier this year – after that I’ll be left with about $50. Considering I have top-notch health coverage, thats pretty shitty of the bonus and pretty fucked up of the health system.

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