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  • NegBox 3:24 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    You’re About to Get Screwed, and You Know It 

    In one sentence for my ADD friends:

    We are increasingly playing in someone else sandbox, and the limits are starting to show and suck.


    Largest site on the web. In the future, forget about having a blog outside FB – who will bother reading it when they’re too busy reading the ones already inside FaceBook? Its funny how the pendulum swings – AOL used to be as neutered as Facebook and it died a lonely death, now many of the the same concepts come back in Facebook.

    Here’s a thought: Let’s create a distributed trust protocol so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook in the Face.


    Huge platform seemingly derived from an IRC service. Some very many years ago IRC was all the rage, we had channels starting with hash # tags, and nicknames and pretty much Twitter without the Twitheads at Twitter. Then IRC died a lonely death for mainstream users – all that’s left there is – for the most part – some die-hards and the royal scum that controls the underbelly of the beast nobody wants to see… bot-nets, pedos, creeps, worms, distros… Its the Mad-Max style nuclear wasteland of the internet. … Then along comes Twitter and the pendulum swings again. They call it microblogging – WTF? It chatting, people, chatting – and all your chats belong to Twitter.

    Here’s another thought: Let’s create a federated chat protocol and layer it on a web interface… Isn’t that one done yet?


    Remember Altavista? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m not sure what is worse – having your content belong to Facebook, Twitter and others, or having the index to your content belong to them. Not only do they determine what gets found and read by the results of their searches, they directly determine what gets purchased when and where – they control the flow of money. I don’t think they’ve realized this yet at least not in a way that is noticeable – and frankly, I don’t really expect most folks reading this to understand how really big numbers of really small things work (scientific fact, most folks are too lazy to think like this) – Google has greater potential influence over the economic outcomes of the US and half the planet than any Illuminati conspiracy theory ever even conceived possible.

    Monopolies suck

    I suppose they suck especially bad when you’re not the owner of the monopoly. I also suppose if the monopoly was mine, I’d be telling everyone how I’m going to bring “Peace and order throughout the galaxy“.

    In closing, nothing – I don’t have any super-stellar words of wisdom here other than: This party ain’t over yet, so bring Vaseline.

    • CTRtard 7:02 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      “…so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook in the Face.”

      LOL. But I humbly suggest:

      “…so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook right in its fuckin Face.”

      I dunno… maybe one fuck was enough?

      Nice post. Google is taking over the world. They even own my phone.

      • Slave Rat 9:24 pm on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Good catch. I must have been in a mellow mood yesterday.

  • NegBox 4:22 pm on May 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Status Report – Sponsored Dweebs and Facebork 

    Its now eight hours later… I slept about four of those.

    Sponsored Tweets report:

    What I did with Sponsored Tweets was link to a CPA offer, but not directly. I linked to an instance of WP-LinkEngine so I can control things better. I did not link to a single offer – What I did was use WP-Engine’s geo-targeting option to send US users to the main offer I was promoting and all others to a backup offer on the same product with a lower payout. I told sponsored Tweets I only wanted US traffic… That’s not what happened exactly.

    WP-Linkengine reports 1738 clicks, out of which 177 are unique clicks.
    Sponsored Tweets reports 44 clicks
    The ad network reports 1588 clicks – roughly 1300 went to the US offer and 273 to the international offer… And ZERO sales.

    When I look at the user-agents of the clicks on my site, they’re 80% not users. Here’s a snapshot of the user-agent strings of the last ten visitors to the offer link – note that the link can only be clicked on from the Sponsored Tweets redirect – it isn’t exposed to any other traffic. Out of these last ten visitors, only #3 and #9 look like a legitimate surfer – The others look like bots.

    User Agent of Twitter Traffic via Sponsored Tweets

    Speaking of clicks… I’m not sure yet if Sponsored Tweets is ripping everyone off with the cut they take on the CPC side. Tweeters get told that per click they will receive an amount that seems to be 1/3rd of what I agreed to pay Sponsored Tweets for them. That’s about a 66% spread!

    I’m intrigued to see where this is going – if you think about it, it is in the tweeter’s best interest to tweet offers that are really relevant to their followers, so they get more clicks. With a little salt, pepper and luck these are people who also complete the offer.

    On the Facebook side of the house:

    The ads to promote the doomsday page are still “Pending Review”. Probably because I said I was willing to pay $0.02 per click – yes, I pulled that number out of my ass. I don’t understand how the heck FB is thinking I’m going to spend $1.04 to $1.51 for a click to a landing page on their own website – screw that! My targeting options would have to be either freaking psychic or my landing page would have to be visual heroin.

    Meanwhile, the traffic from the Amazon Mechanical Turk has already landed more than 20 fans (fans, not just views) at a rate of about $0.04 each – You do the math. I know its not the kind of traffic I want, I can tell by the dearth of actual site page views… Its a journey, not a destination.

  • NegBox 6:12 am on May 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Facebook and Sponsored Tweets – Productive Day 

    The Doomsday website is up and running and now has an awesome Facebook page, plus I launched a campaign on Facebook to drive traffic to it – since I don’t have much faith in FB – they have yet to approve the ads and they wanted a ridiculous amount per click, I went to a favorite little incentivized traffic source – the Amazon Mechanical Turk and plunked down a bit of cash for some fans – that site actually works – its worked wonders in the past and its working way better than stupid Facebork ads – Is it people that really like what I have to offer? It doesn’t matter, after 25 fans I can get a custom URL and I need to make a bit of noise. The other reason why it doesn’t matter is because its dirt cheap.

    I am a little worried that according to their Webmaster Tools, Google only has 10 out of over a thousand webpages of that site indexed, even though a couple of days ago I gave them (and the site has) a proper XML sitemap. Hopefully, they’ll get with the program. I’m hoping I didn’t mess up the robots.txt or something really stupid.

    An interesting thing I discovered while messing with FBML is that you can put a sidebar on the page’s “Wall” page by selecting the “Boxes” tab and choosing to move the FBML app to “The Wall” – Presto! You now have an FBML sidebar. The other thing I discovered is that Facebook now provides an FBML application – Its just a place to cut and paste your text, like the other ones, so we’re still in the doghouse.

    The third thing I got going was a trial run of a sponsored tweets CPC campaign. Its late and I don’t really know what I’m doing… But heck I’m doing something! I have to say Sponsored Tweet’s dashboard is really neat – You can see the tweets, the clicks, the CPC, the person’s reach… I think that if I click the correct button I might actually find out what color underwear the tweeter is wearing. So far it all looks awesome… Just like this chick at the bottom of the post…

  • NegBox 7:55 pm on May 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Today I have to use FBLM… FML! 

    Today I’m building a Facebook page using FBML – FaceBook Markup Language. It’s FaceBook’s idea of messing with people. You have the ability to edit pages and add special Facebook elements, but there is no Facebook-provided application to display such a page, you have to install Joe Schmoe’s FBML app to the page – and then the FBML documentation might as well be written in Sanskrit with examples illustrated just like the Pyramids. There is no editor, let alone a WYSIWYG editor. There is a great business opportunity for a simple FBML editor (not Dreamweaver), yet nobody I know has stepped forward- and I’m no archeologist…

    Its pretty clear in this area they don’t really give a damn – they figure folks will work out how to use it no matter how difficult they make it.


    PS: I’m using one of my site’s TinyMCE Advanced and its WordPress instance to edit the basic HTML I need… That helps some.

    PPS: For those of you behind the times, FML is short for Fuck My Life, as popularized by that site.

    Update: Really nice tutorial on using FBML to create an e-mail submit from a Form on Facebook. For more general – but pretty awesome resources the Hyperarts blog has a whole slew of really good FBML how-to articles.

  • NegBox 6:34 pm on April 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Smooth Move for Facebook – Liking is the new Lovin’ 

    Nice move!

  • NegBox 8:33 pm on April 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    WTF Facebook Ads – Idea for a Site 

    Here’s a free idea for the taking:

    Photo sharing site that focuses on botched online ads. Like this one from Facebook:

    My initial thoughts when I saw this ad:

    They give me the wallets of 16 seniors?
    No, its an offer for wallets for seniors, they sell me 16 of them.
    What’s the long-legged girl have to do with wallets?
    Wait, it says below to book my senior session and get free wallets. WTF is a senior session, and why would I want free wallets?

    I decided to go ahead and click to see who the advertiser was.. A Photographer from another town. I gather that “Senior session” means High-school senior, and not “65 and older”. Pretty mis-targeted ad to boot – I’m nowhere near being a High School senior, and if my daughter were going to be a senior, you ain’t gonna convince me to get her into a photo shoot with a picture of a skank – What kind of father tells themselves the story that their daughter would look good like that pciture? Hellooooo!!!

  • NegBox 5:37 am on April 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Facebook Theme – and some minor bickering 

    Theme is called “Smells-like-facebook

    The story of how I bumped into it is notable… I was reading Jeremy’s post about Patrick Curl.

    Basically, someone had problems with a ClickBank refund on the Shoemoney System and Patrick jumped in and posted some conjectures about Jeremy – topped with a character attack (“He’s just a two bit thief.”)

    Then Jeremy comes out with a scalding post about Patrick, and adds a laundry-list of all the amazing stuff he has done. What the fuck? I love the post for the summary of Jeremy’s story, but seriously dude, nobody cares if he calls you a “Two-bit-whore-in-a-one-horse-town-with-a-one-trick-pony-five-cents-short-of-a-dollar” – I know Jeremy cares about his character (look at the reaction)- but do you really need to step down five rungs and address Patrick by calling him a “Social Media Idiot”.

    Ideally, Jemery should have ignored the personal attack and if he felt there was a need to explain what he accomplished in the past, then just do a nice “Story of” post and let it go… Align the messages and let them collide – don’t smash them and get splattered!

    Anyway.. All this bullshit was actually good! This guy Patrick is using a Facebook styled theme called “Smells-like-facebook” – Which looks wickedly like a Facebook page. I understand from one of the Sheomoney videos that Facebook doesn’t allow you to advertise and link to pages that look like Facebook… And Jeremy commented they convert like crazy. …. Hmm.. How about using this theme and driving traffic via some other means – leave facebook out of it.

    I see myself using the Theme Split Testing plug-in I got with WP-Smart Tools and WP-LinkEngine two of the most awesome-est tools in my arsenal.

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