Nobody on Their Death Bed Wished They Had Spent More Time at the Office

Why do folks do endless loops? Last time I ran a business with employees, I felt like I was running a marathon with no time to look back. You do what you do and keep going – Did it turn out ok? Great. Did it turn out bad? Damn, make a note and above all, keep moving. The main focus for me running my company was to GET OUT OF THE WAY. If I was in the way of something, it wouldn’t get done, since I had true overload of stuff – I was plenty busy getting out of the way so things and people would “Run with it”. I would ask people to just figure it out and do it – My motto was “I trust you” in the case of people managing people, I always made it clear “I will back you up 100% no matter what – it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong, I don’t care – I care about CONSISTENCY and getting it DONE”.

Now I’m stuck in Groundhog Day with the Red Queen.

I’m in a meeting to prepare for the meeting in preparation for the meeting we need to prepare for the real meeting.

These people take themselves way too seriously. Tomorrow I’ve got a single four-hour conference call. Gotta be shitting me.