Microsoft Office 2010 is Office 2007 Renamed

Two lessons on “tooling”:

  1. Too many tools will make your problem worse, not better
  2. Sharpen the tools that you do have and are being useful

I do put my brain within the definition of #2 above – I try to take good care of it, sharpening it if you will, and avoiding needless “damage”…

Anyway, Back to Office 2010. I use PowerPoint, Word and Excel on a daily basis – big time. I have a neural link to these tools – I think and magic just happens.

Yesterday I decided to buy the upgrade from Office 2007 to Office 2010.

After a day of use I can honestly say there is no fucking difference between 2007 and 2010. What a way to wallpaper Wily E. Gates’ mansion. Can you imagine any other place where you can continue to sell a shitload of the same crap you were selling three years ago, slap a new sticker on it and pass it for new?

Uhhh.. Hello, FTC, Champion of the poor, witless and innocent, where are you when we really need you? Chasing bloggers again? Flushing your colon with berry juice? Seriously?