How to Get Google to Index Your Site Once and for All

Here’s an idea I tried with Google that worked as far as I could tell… After two weeks of submitting my SEO site via their Webmaster Tools and sending them a good Sitemap.xml (plus the site had the sitemap where it belongs – its a WordPress site), the Google dorkheads were not indexing it – They were downloading the sitemap every couple of hours but telling me they had indexed something ridiculous like ten pages… Out of over a thousand.

Here’s the bright idea: I noticed back in March that when you create and run an ad on AdWords, you get a visit by the Googlebots… They scan you, they score you and they do other unspeakable things. Here’s a screen capture of the Googlebots as they were scanning my site:

GoogleBots Scanning my Site

So I took a CSV file with a list of all my URLs and smacked it into the Adwords Editor, created a new campaign with ridiculously low CPCs and set it to run – Mind you I had to chop up the list since it seems I have some serious limits on my AdWords account, so I put about half the list into it… A few MINUTES later Google reported 747 URLs indexed! Coincidence? You try it and tell me.