Decent Landers in Two Minutes Flat – WYSIWYG Website Builder

Its fucking retarded that DreamWeaver, Adobe’s top-of-the-line ($$$) web design package can’t just work graphically kinda like PowerPoint and then figure out what it needs to do to display your doodle as a working web page.

Maybe there’s tons of wizards out there that know how to do just that with DreamWeaver. As far as I’m concerned – you can’t. I’m no dummy yet I couldn’t for the life of me find that functionality even poring over some trainings.

Fuck you very much, Adobe.

Enter WYSIWYG Web Builder.

You really have to see this shit in action to appreciate it – Its a dream come true. You just plop down the graphics and move them wherever you want, plop down a flash control and put it wherever, bring up the properties of something and tweak the HTML, JS and PHP to your heart’s content.

Make the image a link, overlay some text on it, put it on a layer, add an effect of it sliding in and attach a little button on the top that makes the layer “close” – bam, you’ve got a pop-up slider with a close button with your e-mail submit form in it… Wanna add a Captcha? Drag-and-drop, baby. Wanna create a long form with on-the-fly validation? Enter the Form wizard or plop the form pieces down yourself. You done? Preview locally with a built-in PHP interpreter or click publish to have it FTP the files wherever.

It figures out what to turn into a GIF, what into a JPEG, what into a PNG, add the PNG fixes, sends it all out… Beautiful.

Oh.. Yeah, want to stop Traffic Vance from showing Text Links on your landing page? Tick “Render as an image” in the properties of your text boxes and voila!

This is really a very-very complete package for website design. No, you’re not going to create the next FaceBook with it, and no, you’re not going to win a Webbie award or some other shit for it – You’re going to use it to build unique and interesting landing pages faster than ever. Price: 30 day trial,  then $45 for the license. This tool is a no-brainer – gotta have it.

Check it out: WYSIWYG Web Builder. (PS: No, I don’t get any sort of kickback other than a warm and fuzzy feeling)

Update 11/22/10: Their forums are really good too. Look at this index of WYSIWYG Web Editor Extensions. Really impressive.