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    Time Management 

    A friend forwarded this promotional e-mail advertising a coaching group. The coaching group is probably useless – it is how THEY make money, not how YOU can make money – Small but key difference. However this e-mail contains excellent observations and advice. If you truly take the advice on this e-mail and put it to use, you won’t need whatever they are selling.


    Poor people are cheap with their money.

    Rich people are cheap with their TIME.

    Read those two sentences again. (It’s okay. I’ll wait.)

    ‘Cause until you get that… and start living accordingly? You’ll continue to hold yourself back.

    It’s funny.

    Everyone’s heard the cliche: “Time is your most valuable asset.”

    But nobody’s acting like it.

    Instead, they’re:

    > Watching three hours of Netflix a night.

    > Reading celebrity gossip blogs.

    > Refreshing Facebook 293 times a day.

    > Worried about what Kylie just shared on Instagram.

    > Monkeying around with Snapchat selfie filters.

    > Doing research for their f*cking fantasy league.

    > Gossiping.

    > Clipping coupons.

    > Driving 45-minutes out of the way to take advantage of that sale.

    > Booking flights with long layovers just to save $125.

    > Camping out in front of the Apple store to get the latest iPhone.

    > Standing in line for an hour to get a free sample of pulled pork at the new barbecue joint.

    > Sitting in traffic 90-minutes a day to get to and from some soul-sucking job.

    > Rotting away in a cubicle eight hours a day… to make someone else rich.

    > Going out for beers with Bob, then listening to Bob bitch about traffic and his soul-sucking job.

    > Giving in to conspicuous consumption.

    > Pursuing side hustles that are too competitive.

    > Building businesses that pay too little, too slow… that are short-lived… and can’t scale.

    > And so on and so forth.


    You picking up what I’m putting down?

    See how pathetic this looks on paper?

    The rich know better. (That’s why they’re rich.)

    They don’t whore out their time.

    They understand: every hour counts.

    So, instead of pissing precious minutes down their leg?

    They’re busy building business systems that create cash flow.

    (Large, controllable, scalable income streams… where the math is working for, and not against them.)

    Then, instead of blowing it on material goods, they invest it… to create more income that’s entirely passive.

    Toys come later, sure, but only AFTER freedom is secured.

    Is this starting to make sense?

    Rich people go left when poor people go right:

    They’d never spend time pinching pennies; they’d rather spend money to buy back more time.

    But the majority will never truly appreciate this. Which is why they’ll stay shackled to the status quo for the rest of their lives.

    And continue to say things like:

    “Why pay for coaching when I could find all the information for free online?”

    Free? Really? So your time is worth nothing?

    You’re gonna comb through billions of pages and magically piece together a process that works?

    How long’s that gonna take?

    How many dead-ends are you gonna go down?

    How many mistakes are you gonna make?

    How many YEARS might that set you back?

    I’ll say it again:

    Poor people are cheap with their money.

    Rich people are cheap with their TIME.

    This is why Jess and I continuously buy books, courses, mentoring and masterminds. We invest in shortcuts.

    We get it. It costs way too much time not to.

    Instead of drowning in free information, we’d rather pay someone… who already has what we want… to tell us what e can IGNORE.

    Instead of cutting out coupons to save $25, we fire up ad campaigns that make us $2,500/mo.

    Instead of reading about the Kardashians, we pick up a book.

    Instead of long lines, rush hour traffic and unnecessary layovers, we choose to make marketing… like this… that’ll put on overalls and “shovel shit” for us, day in and day out, for years to come.

    And no, we’re not perfect.

    We can’t wait for the next episode of Silicon Valley. And we like material things just as much as the next person.

    But we’re aware.

    And we’re making fewer and fewer mistakes.

    We’re getting cheaper with our time and smarter with our money.

    As a result, we’ve given freedom a high-five and we’re well on our way to wealth, about 50 years ahead of schedule.


    This may not be for you.

    But this message is.

    If you wanna live a good-ass life while you’re still young enough to enjoy it?

    F*cking cherish every minute.

    ‘Cause sooner or later you will run out.

    Invest them wisely,



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    If you think you might be gay, then you’re gay… 

    Listening to chapter 6 of “Everybody Lies” by Seth Stephen Davidowitz it discusses guys who search for gay porn and pics and then ask google for “gay test” to see if they are gay; Apparently lots of guys think its normal to be attracted to the same sex. Let me explain for all those guys here, if you are straight, you don’t ever feel any sort of attraction for another guy. Seriously. That’s the way of it. Not even in passing, not even while stone drunk. It just doesn’t cross your mind. For a straight guy seeing a pic of gay porn is about as much fun as a picture of someone puking. Pretty off-putting.

    This doesn’t mean its bad to be gay; it does mean if you think you might be gay, then you really are.


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    Assessment Fail 

    This awakening realization has been 17 years in the making – yet it seems so obvious.

    Think back to your last interview, date, or business introduction. Were there any emergencies? Any crisis? Any threats to the well-being of you or anyone around you? Any opportunity for the other person to behave totally freely?

    Bet the answer is “None of the Above.”

    True colors come out when every path is a valid path and no judgements are expected. When the game is played for keeps. When you can see the end of the tit-for-tat game.

    17 years ago I started playing the first real MMORPG out there – Ultima Online. Back then it made perfect sense that as a requirement to join some guilds/player cooperatives you were taken on a couple of “trial hunts” out in the wilderness or dungeons of the game. If you’re going to trust someone with your alter-ego-life, then you might want to put them in situations where you depend on them slowly. If the person turns out the be incompatible, your losses are smaller. It just makes sense.

    Invariably during one of these “trial hunts” everything would turn ugly; this was never on purpose, just the nature of things. The monsters would overwhelm the group, or a rival group would show up and start a war. That’s when you got to see the real people you were dealing with. Did they run and hide? Did they steal from fallen comrades? Were they ninja-looting? Did they not follow instructions and cause chaos? Did they assist? How did they assist? Did they organize a rescue? How did they handle loss? How did they handle their defeat and others defeats? What were they most worried about? How did they recover? Did they enjoy the game or the final outcome? How did they measure their own actions? What did they think of others?

    All these questions were easily answered after everything had gone to shit and back. Most potential “responses” to these situations were valid and acceptable – and a few were not. The keys were freedom of action and the knowledge that the game was for keeps – If they lost stuff, they lost stuff, if they were attacked they could die, if they stole something they would get to keep it. All actions were valid, but some were better choices.

    You could spend six hours talking to a person in the game, or 20 minutes in a crisis situation – and the crisis would give you a more accurate readout every single time.

    I don’t think we do enough of this in our daily lives. Of course we don’t live in a fantasy land, or in constant danger. Still we don’t really put anyone under any sort of stress to see how they perform. And while the military does this as routine, the goals are very different – I am not solidifying and testing conditioned responses against a set that I expect. I expect nothing – I want to see the true self of a person. I want to let them tell me who they really are.

    I wish I could come up with a way to test people in the way that true emergencies test you.

    I can imagine a handful of ways to test people off the top of my head. Imagine being at a job interview and then then being told some xyz emergency and they needed you. Or going on a date and leave your wallet on the table when you go to the restroom. I wonder how many more methods we could come up with.

    For now you might as well flip a coin.


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    Play Your Endgame NOW 

    What do YOU have to lose?

    I never wanted to get a tattoo because it felt too “permanent” – what if I change my mind next week? Then as time wore on I realized the amount of regret possible was shrinking. If I make it to 80, I’ll probably be covered in them. Nothing to lose. I’m not sure there is anything to gain either.

    I often wonder why senior citizens are not wildly out of control. What is there to lose? Can’t they see the end of the road? The closer the end is, the less there is to lose.

    The US is the only country that calls “Social Security” the right term “Social Security” – other countries call it by terms related to retirement or social assistance. The US term is the right one – Social Security keeps those in dire need from breaking bad and even assembling into a revolution; Social security keeps me from getting mugged when I go out. If you didn’t pay social security, hungry people will come out to mug you for food – hunger is a powerful force. Hunger taps directly into the most basic instinct of all: Survival. There are 3,095,693,981 base pairs inside every human that scream they want to survive.

    When I was 17, everything was possible. Literally, everything. I had to choose. Every year I left behind doors I didn’t open. Doors I didn’t chose. Lives I didn’t live. Deaths I didn’t die. Girls I didn’t date. Things I didn’t do. Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated by the movie Mr. Nobody – It has been over two years since I saw that movie and I still remember it daily. You mind tricks you into believing some of those choices are still available to you. You THINK the possibility is there. Your mind makes up stories of how you can somehow magically cheat the universe and get away with it all “if you really wanted” – You could quit smoking “if you really wanted” and meanwhile you won’t get cancer so you can wait, you could finish college “if you really wanted” and meanwhile your job doesn’t suck so bad.

    I asked around why don’t poor seniors or people with terminal illnesses buy AK-47s and storm our banks and cause all sort of mayhem. Found a couple of explanations – Mostly about being unable to recover from a failed gamble. Somehow this isn’t convincing. Personally I have gotten more aggressive with time. One day I will understand… Or get an AK-47.


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    The As If Principle 

    Listening to The As If Principle from Richard Wiseman. Halfway thru and my mind is completely blown. I would never buy a book with such a lame self-help guru-esque title. However this one comes from someone whose work I follow, and it is firmly grounded in science.

    My key takeaway from the book so far: We are such confused creatures; I’d say hopelessly confused. Some day trans-humans will laugh at how amazingly inept we really were, or we’ll just stumble into extinction much the same way we seem to lead our days. I’m always looking for the limits of our understanding, and now I see even clearer that we don’t understand jack shit.

    The “As If” Principle is all about the idea that out conscious minds read the state of the body (pulse, temperature, energy, posture) then add contextual information (what you see, hear, smell) and try to figure out what is going on, and that most of the time the machinery is so basic and crude that it gets everything wrong. Example: You’re jogging with someone and instead of attributing the increased heart rate and endorphins to the exercise, you think you love the person. You are asked to hold a pencil between your teeth and feel you’re happier. You pull a table towards you while looking at picture of someone and you like them more…. The list of these is endless yet the idea Richard talks about is constant: You minds alters how you feel about EVERYTHING based on what it reads from its surroundings and your body, and you have no control over it – Your conscious mind is more like a sportscaster than an actual player in this game. I don’t think Richard states it quite this way, yet that’s what I’m seeing so far.

    Here’s an extremely short RSA-Animate style excerpt about the book. Go get it now.


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    I’ve been wanting to write this post for some years. Ever since I heard the song “When you were young” by The Killers. Whoever wrote that song is an absolute genius of hypnotic messaging.

    Does Hypnotism work? Of course.

    Does subliminal marketing work? Of course.

    Years ago I pulled up two dozen research papers on suggestions and subliminal advertising. Back when I still had access to Elsevier and all the academic stuff. My quick summary: Amazed. Mostly amazed how this research isn’t more widely used.

    The key element of marketing – of any kind – is understanding how ideas work in the brain. Creating an effective simplified model so you know what the heck you’re doing.

    I’ll give you the two keys of my model:

    1 – The core mind only works by increasing degrees of association. To make you like ice cream, I put an image/text/idea of something you ALREADY like next to it. Net result: You like ice cream a bit more and whatever I showed you a bit less. To make you hate ice cream, I put something you already hate next to it. Net result: You like ice cream less and the thing you hate you like a tiny bit more. Picking the concepts carefully you can manipulate the ideas in your audience – pick weakly anchored ideas or just plain wrong ones and it can backfire.

    2 – The core mind does not understand negatives. This is ESSENTIAL. Saying “This doesn’t taste like ice cream” is the same as “This tastes like ice cream”. The mind will only really get “Taste Ice Cream”

    Back to the motivation of this post… Every time I hear “When you were young” by The Killers I remember I want to write about its lyrics and how they are a PERFECT example of hypnosis. The song is like a full hypnosis session crammed into three and a half minutes. Really, brilliant. Here is a table with the original lyrics on the left side and what your mind interprets when listening to the song. Really amazing. The song basically tells you to remember when you were young, the place you used to live, and imagine a boy that looks like Jesus.

    Original lyrics What your mind understands
    You sit there in your heartache
    Waiting on some beautiful boy to
    To save you from your old ways
    You play forgiveness

    Watch him now, here he come
    He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
    But he talks like a gentleman
    Like you imagined when you were young

    Can we climb this mountain? I don’t know
    Higher now than ever before
    I know we can make it if we take it slow
    That’s takin’ easy, easy now, watch it go

    We’re burning down the highway skyline
    On the back of a hurricane that started turning
    When you were young
    When you were young

    And sometimes you close your eyes
    And see the place where you used to live
    When you were young

    They say the Devil’s water it ain’t so sweet
    You don’t have to drink right now
    But you can dip your feet
    Every once in a little while

    You sit there in your heartache
    Waiting on some beautiful boy to
    To save you from your old ways
    You play forgiveness
    Watch him now, here he come

    He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
    But he talks like a gentleman
    Like you imagined when you were young
    (Talks like a gentleman)
    (Like you imagined when)
    When you were young

    I said he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
    He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
    But more than you’ll ever know

    Your heartache
    Beautiful boy
    Save you
    Play forgiveness

    Watch him now / Here comes
    He looks like Jesus
    He talks like a gentleman
    Imagine when you were young

    Climb mountain
    Higher than ever
    We can make it / Take it slow
    Takin’ Easy Easy Now Watch it go

    Burning highway skyline
    Hurricane turning
    When you were young
    When you were young

    Close your eyes
    See the place where you used to live
    When you were young

    The Devil’s water so sweet
    You drink right now
    You dip your feet
    a little while

    Your heartache
    Beautiful boy
    Save you
    play forgiveness
    Watch him now / Here he come

    Looks like Jesus
    Talks like a gentleman
    Imagine when you were young
    Talks like a gentleman
    When you were young

    Looks like Jesus
    Looks like Jesus
    Know (remember)




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    Imagining Abundance Makes You Complacent 

    When you imagine yourself having achieved your goals – In the manner quack pseudo-scientists tell you in “The Secret” and other works of bullshit, you are actually experiencing the pleasure of having achieved your goals without the effort, and tend to perform WORSE at actually achieving your goals. That interesting bit of research into motivation crossed my ears while listening to 59 Seconds from Richard Wiseman a while back. Apparently the best thing to do is to envision the biggest obstacles and how you’ll overcome them, instead of just daydreaming of the piles of money and orgies. Richard Wiseman actually goes into a lot more detail in the book with a proven technique similar to 1984’s Doublethink – Highly recommended.

    This picture today reminded me of the book. So true how we dream of release just to get to tomorrow without actually doing anything today.




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    What do you think will happen next? 

    Ask yourself The One Question and your answers will help you go where you want to go. This is like “The Secret” except its not complete bullshit.

    Story time:

    Years ago I was single and going out to bars with a married friend. He would always want to hit on women, would rarely muster the courage, yet would always be my wingman. Excellent guy yet I couldn’t shake the idea of what the fuck was he doing by my side when he was married – His wife would work for several months out of state. So I started to ask him.

    -“What do you think is going to happen now?”

    -“I don’t know”

    -“Do you think one of these women is going to like you?”

    -“Yeah, of course”

    -“Then what? What will happen after you talk to her?”

    -“Well… Sex?”

    -“So what will happen next is one of these women is going to go sleep with you tonight on a one-night-stand out of the blue?”


    You can guess that never happened. Of course, if you try one million times, you’ll eventually get lucky. Yet luck needs a big helping hand. Beyond the point of this being a setup for him cheating – the sequence he was expecting was unrealistic. Sure, if you’re a PUA (Pick-up-artist) chances are high you’ll sleep with one that night. Yet thats not what my friend was saying or doing.

    He was going from stumbling drunk in a bar to a one-night stand with a stranger without the intermediate steps.

    This was many years ago. Ever since then I ask myself “What do you think will happen next” all the time – Because I don’t want to be a frustrated drunk bozo.

    Forget PUAs and bars, though. This is something you need to ask yourself on every situation you face. Especially if you’re going into something where there is a preconception of results.

    For example, you read in John Chow’s blog how he makes $40,000 a month and decide to set up your blog. You write shit, and nothing happens – Guess what, you’ve been Chowed. After you read the inspiring article from Chowderhead and decide to go his route ask yourself.

    “And what will happen next?”

    You see, even you can’t lie to yourself in the face that bad. Asking the question brings up the obvious: There is no more magic – Harry Potter fucked it all up.

    “I am going to build a million dollar a month blog empire! I am signing up to WordPress.com right now”

    -“What do you think will happen next?”
    “Option a) the entire population of mainland China will click your ads tonight, next week you’ll be on Jay Leno telling the world how to bank with The Google and The AdZen in The Interwebz”
    “Option b) You’ll have a brand new blog with a scribble for an article and robots for traffic.”

    -“What do you think will happen next?”
    -“I will write awesome articles on raising snails”

    -“And what next?” “Option a) You’ll start to develop a community or Option b) You’ll get a $50,000 check in the mail from SnailFarms for promoting their product so well”

    The idea here isn’t to discourage yourself out of things – on the contrary. The idea is to have realistic expectations about what you are about to see next and what you will do after that. The idea here is to have a plan. To understand “What happens next”.

    If you don’t ask yourself that question, you’ll always be surprised of the results no matter what they are – and in most areas of life the result will be disappointing simply because an enormous expectation is being built around everything and every experience by marketers such as myself.


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      Just scrolled this far for the pics.

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        @Mike & ManofSteel – The hoes make a difference – I scroll all the way down the homepage every couple of hours to see if I can catch any of them kissing each other.
        What do you think I think will happen next? Well, they’re going to jump off the screen and give me the world’s best stereo blowjob! Of course!

    • Manofsteel 5:52 am on January 27, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Those are some nice tits. Er wait, are these comments supposed to be for the girl or the article?

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    Tags: Anik Singal, Bullshit   

    Bizarro World Leaks Affiliate Marketing Bollywood Film Starring Anik Singal 

    I just can’t stop laughing. The amateurs pose as strippers for ClickBank products, the felons do sweat lodges and the pros do Bollywood films to promote shit…  I’m not even sure what he is promoting, whatever it is I bet it ain’t free and it ain’t funny what it does to your finances. I’m sorry Anik, I’m sure you are a nice guy full of shit.

    You just HAVE to watch this video. Here’s the source page too.

    Gotta love the call to action: “Start your lethal agent training.”

    So I go… “Who the fuck is Anik Singal and why would he do such a movie?”…  I visit his site and the first thing I see is the motto “When Life Pushes You… Stand Straigh, Smile & Push Back” – I like it, reminds me of Cave Johnson’s ‘lemmons’ bit… When life gives you lemmons, burn life’s house down! Fast-forward to 1:00 minute on this next video – it is a funny part of Portal 2.

    So I dig a little deeper by visiting someone with a nose fine-tuned to the smell of bullshit and a keen disdain for just about anything: PPC.BZ,  best useless affiliate news source out there, and discover Anik actually swore off bullshitting people two years ago. Check it out, its kind of amazing what he admits on the video there, especially since he never stopped doing it.

    Here’s the “People buy my lies and expect the magic that I duped them into believing, to actually happen” video. I’m not sure what is more amazing, that he actually did this video or believing your BS to this level. I guess the latter – I wish I could take the blue pill like he does.


    Strangely enough, Anik seems to be only a tiny blip on The Salty Droid’s radar.

    Now personally it doesn’t matter to me if he is out to scam the planet, the way I see it he keeps the idiots busy. This whole secret agent theme and movie gig is just hilarious, though – Had to share.

    • Ryan Eagle 1:49 pm on November 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting movie so far. Thanks

      • NegBox 2:42 pm on November 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Seems I’m not worthy of the real one so I’ve been getting “Cheap Outsourced Link-Building Ryan Eagle” for the past two posts. … Ryan doesn’t say “Marketing research is important” or “Great epoch-defining film from the Hindu galactic empire who will own you American pigs” … ROTFL.

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