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  • NegBox 6:40 pm on May 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Nooks of Nostalgia 

    Sometimes you bump into the ruins of a website – something you remember was mind-blowing awesome, yet now stands frozen in time like an old black and white picture. Beyond the WayBack Machine, I’m talking about real sites still online that got stuck in time. My favorite such site is:
    Avatar Teleport

    Do you have a favorite stuck-in-time site?


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    How to price your DDoS 

    Business is business, and if you’re in the business of DDoS blackmail, you’ve got to keep tabs on the prices your ‘clients’ might pay to get rid of you. Next time you’re about to send that zombie army out, check out this handy Storm on Demand DDoS protection pricing chart before you hit SEND on the ransom note:

    DDoS Pricing Chart from Storm On Demand



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    Scarcity License – Turning Copyright Right Side Up for the 21st Century 

    We need to get rid of the “copyright” idea and create a system that really provides the benefits copyright delivered gracefully until the dawn of the digital age – and then got literally murdered by modern computing.

    Here’s the thought process:

    A copyright is intended to aid the creation and dissemination of new works by providing the economic benefit derived from real and artificial scarcity

    Scarcity is becoming harder to come by these days. We have abundance.

    In the past/present pretty much everything you do is your property and copyright. The default is “protected”

    I propose a system where you have to apply for a scarcity license. This isn’t like simply filing for a copyright for a piece of work – this is much more than that – it puts the burden on the creator to DEMONSTRATE that if they are granted an “Artificial Scarcity License”, then society will actually benefit. Society has to benefit here, not the creator of the work exclusively (I have a feeling the Generation Y and Millenial tree huggers would love this idea).

    So you could prove that by protecting your motion picture that cost xx to make, next year you’ll be able to provide audiences with a better movie they will enjoy more. If the protection wasn’t there, we’d be limited to youtube clips. You could prove that protecting your blog post will give you a chance to make more good posts. Protecting your software will allow you to make better bug-free software. You might also be able to prove something similar for your music if you’re a music label. You probably won’t be able to prove this unless your business delivers something other than just scarcity and rapes the market. The key here is you have to prove you have been doing this broader improvement of the art, the economics or society, or can at least plausibly deliver on your promise, and will be accountable to do so with your Artificial Scarcity License on the line if you don’t.

    In the age of abundance, the burden of proof needs to lie with those that desire scarcity. We will give you scarcity, only when you work in favor of our broader abundance.

    PS: No, I’m not actually going to do anything substantial other than write about this. I’m a big-picture whiz-bang idea guy – Let the folks with OCD figure out the details.

    PPS: Yes, this is similar to patents.


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  • NegBox 5:40 pm on April 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply

    Handy PHP Snippet to List Globals With Formatting 

    This little snippet will dump for you a formatted reference of your globals plus your PHP environment. Really useful especially if you have geolocation variables and other junk getting added to your PHP globals by web server modules.


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    How to Avoid Getting Screwed by Internet Marketing Douchebags 

    Practical checklist to spotting internet scammers trying to fleece internet marketers.

    The only thing you need is a bit of an ability to read your own emotions and this handy list. Don’t surf without it!

    You know you are about to get scammed when:

    • You feel you’re going to lose out if you don’t do something now.
    • You are told how much the “free stuff” you get is “really” worth.
    • The offer is for a really short limited time (less than two weeks) and it is stated up-front.
    • The product is “closed” and there is a waitlist.
    • E-mails from the person contain your first name even though you’ve never met them.
    • You can’t believe the amount of good stuff you’re going to get for such a low price.
    • The price ends with the number “7”, for example: $37, $77, $197, $297.
    • As you’re making the purchase, you are offered something additional you didn’t even know was available when you started the purchase process – Sometimes free on trial basis.
    • There is a flashy video on the website – it has really cool animations that look like a Hollywood movie.
    • You are told how many of the product, seats, or promotions are available.
    • There was an error (doesn’t matter of what or whom) and now as ‘compensation’ or ‘grandfathering’ you’re entitled to something – like a discount or a bonus product.
    • The website has the look and feel of a Squeeze Page (RUN!)
    • The product website has more than four or five pages of information to scroll down and read.
    • The website has any sort of anxiety questions like “How would you feel if your neighbor became rich with this and you didn’t?”
    • There is a photograph of a product box or a bounded book, meanwhile the product is a book in PDF format, a piece of software, or access to a website with videos.
    • The ‘lessons’ will take place over time, even though they are not really live.
    • The Salty Droid talked about it.
    • You’ve won something, even though you made no effort to win it (pushing a button does not constitute effort).
    • You’ve found the answer to all your problems.
    • The product allows you to get big rewards with very little effort.

    Now, now… Many legit products will show up with one or two from this list of shame. Simply put, if you hear good things from your friends, then it doesn’t matter what the site looks like. If you don’t hear anything other than hype, hope and expectation – close your wallet, make a note and come back to the site in a month – if you still want it a month later, get it… Or search… Whatever floats your boat.

    # You’ve won something, even though you made no effort to win it.

    1. You’ve found the answer to all your problems.

    • Dude 4:28 pm on November 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      So if 95% or whatever of the “gurus” are selling bullshit. Then maybe someone can come out and do real reviews to point out the 5% which are legit and actually helpful. I can’t say I have seen anyone do that. Of course, you can’t find a bad review on anything selling through Clickbank via a Google search. Hell, that would be revolutionary.

      • Slave Rat 5:42 pm on November 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Dude, love your comment about Google – It makes them a farce, really – You are right you can’t find a single normal non-paid review of ANY ClickBank product. … BTW, your comment spurred the next blog post – there you have it. Thank you!

    • Paul 1:36 am on November 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent post. I always struggle with the negative comments about how “Program X isn’t worth $297” or “stay away from Program Y; it’s all useless information.” Sure, there are crap programs out there that were designed and built to do nothing but pad someone’s pockets. I get it. But to blame the program when magically your bank account didn’t grow…not so much.

      The other thing that’s typically missed is that not every program is right for every person at that point. They’ll buy it because they’re squeezed into it but can’t spare 30 minutes a day for the next month to even get it running. So in 30 days they look back and say “that was worthless, the program sucks”. Not really – if they would have devoted some time to it maybe they’d have gotten something. Right product…wrong time.

      • Slave Rat 6:42 am on November 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        One interesting bit of info from “Guru” Frank Kern in his List Control was that something ridiculously small like less than 10% of people make it to the last “modules” of the trainings – usually they stop 1/3rd of the way through and then they show up at his in-person gathering.
        Its also hard for people to stay away from these programs when they are pitched so hard… I mean, come on, you really think making a good video is going to save your sorry ass if you have nothing else going? Of course not – there’s nobody on this planet you can stop cold on the street, ask them that question and they’ll say yes – NOBODY. The way these prospects get literally ‘marinated’ in the hype spun out is pretty bad. Then again, perhaps the biggest lesson to the IM-Guru-product buyer is: Do as I do, not as I say.

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    Tags: Woopra   

    Woopra Does Jaw-Dropping Site Analytics 

    Woopra is an Analytics tool I picked up after peeking under the hood while doing some competitive research. It really kicks Google where the sun don’t shine in many areas.

    The amount of stats is impressive, the way its presented looks almost like one of those Wired magazine InfoPorn infographics – Heck, you can even set a real-time visitor color-coded world map to display full screen on any monitor you’re running, separate from the main app. Ever fancy a Network Operations Control Center-style setup? Here’s your chance.

    They’ve recently added funnel analysis and some other deep bells and whistles that use can use to build a dashboard with your own KPIs.

    I has a nice WordPress plug-in, soon using asynchronous JavaScript, as well as plug-ins for a ton of other platforms… Not that adding a bit of Javascript is difficult. Check it out, its free for a lot of visitors, then they offer reasonable plans.

    Here’s a screenshot of a drill-down into the activities of a single user across two months, it even includes the comments the visitor posted, files downloaded, etc and pretty much everything is clickable to filter and sort.

    Woopra Returning Visitor Details

    Click to Expand


    Its so good for content-rich sites like a blog that I’ve shut off Google Analytics – Woopra crushes it for these sites.


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  • NegBox 9:27 pm on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Acai, Advertorial, Rebill   

    This is How Your Mother Bought an Acai Rebill 

    Talk about fucked up. I’ve seen this pretty much all over the place – reputable news outlets carrying the shadiest of ads. Some of these advertisers clearly have the dough to grease the wheels — if you go try to advertise this crap with these same ad networks, you’ll get declined. I tried. Fuckers.

    Then it dawned on me… Maybe, just maybe, its the advertising network itself running these ads on their own placements. Nice.

    Either way, this is messed up. Trust is transient, so the trust a person has over the news outlet they are visiting transfers to the ads they carry and over to what they read.

    Disclosure: This is fucked up only because I’m not doing it. If I were, then this would be “business as usual”.

    • Brent W. 4:56 am on October 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I know what you mean! I tried to do the same thing a while back.

      Also I believe there is a double standard with Facebook advertising + Myspace advertising as well.

    • CTRtard 10:12 pm on October 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Agreed, this sucks. And also agreed, if I was getting away with it too, it would not suck as much.

    • Monty 5:40 pm on February 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      They just probably made an exclusive IO with the network, so noobs are out

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  • NegBox 3:24 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , IRC, ,   

    You’re About to Get Screwed, and You Know It 

    In one sentence for my ADD friends:

    We are increasingly playing in someone else sandbox, and the limits are starting to show and suck.


    Largest site on the web. In the future, forget about having a blog outside FB – who will bother reading it when they’re too busy reading the ones already inside FaceBook? Its funny how the pendulum swings – AOL used to be as neutered as Facebook and it died a lonely death, now many of the the same concepts come back in Facebook.

    Here’s a thought: Let’s create a distributed trust protocol so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook in the Face.


    Huge platform seemingly derived from an IRC service. Some very many years ago IRC was all the rage, we had channels starting with hash # tags, and nicknames and pretty much Twitter without the Twitheads at Twitter. Then IRC died a lonely death for mainstream users – all that’s left there is – for the most part – some die-hards and the royal scum that controls the underbelly of the beast nobody wants to see… bot-nets, pedos, creeps, worms, distros… Its the Mad-Max style nuclear wasteland of the internet. … Then along comes Twitter and the pendulum swings again. They call it microblogging – WTF? It chatting, people, chatting – and all your chats belong to Twitter.

    Here’s another thought: Let’s create a federated chat protocol and layer it on a web interface… Isn’t that one done yet?


    Remember Altavista? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m not sure what is worse – having your content belong to Facebook, Twitter and others, or having the index to your content belong to them. Not only do they determine what gets found and read by the results of their searches, they directly determine what gets purchased when and where – they control the flow of money. I don’t think they’ve realized this yet at least not in a way that is noticeable – and frankly, I don’t really expect most folks reading this to understand how really big numbers of really small things work (scientific fact, most folks are too lazy to think like this) – Google has greater potential influence over the economic outcomes of the US and half the planet than any Illuminati conspiracy theory ever even conceived possible.

    Monopolies suck

    I suppose they suck especially bad when you’re not the owner of the monopoly. I also suppose if the monopoly was mine, I’d be telling everyone how I’m going to bring “Peace and order throughout the galaxy“.

    In closing, nothing – I don’t have any super-stellar words of wisdom here other than: This party ain’t over yet, so bring Vaseline.

    • CTRtard 7:02 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      “…so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook in the Face.”

      LOL. But I humbly suggest:

      “…so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook right in its fuckin Face.”

      I dunno… maybe one fuck was enough?

      Nice post. Google is taking over the world. They even own my phone.

      • Slave Rat 9:24 pm on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Good catch. I must have been in a mellow mood yesterday.

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  • NegBox 8:28 pm on August 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Contest, Internet University, , Ryan Gray, Super Affiliate Twins   

    Learn Internet Marketing 

    Last week I joined the Super Affiliate Twins’ Internet University.

    I have to say I’m impressed. Very positively impressed.

    Ryan and crew are all over the forums giving good solid advice and literally shepherding folks along.

    When they say that they teach all this about internet marketing, they aren’t joking – All the modules are up and you can get access to it for a one-day $5 trial or just go for the monthly membership.

    The best part  is that they’re small... That probably won’t last very long. The second best part is that it shows that Ryan and the crew are interested in seeing folks succeed. Its not common to see an abundance mentality at work in such a competitive landscape.

    Abundance Mentality: Stephen Covey coined the term abundance mentality or abundance mindset, a business concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and success to share with others. It is commonly contrasted with the scarcity mindset, which is founded on the idea that, given a finite amount of resources, a person must hoard their belongings and protect them from others. Individuals with an abundance mentality are able to celebrate the success of others rather than be threatened by it.
    A number of books appearing in business press since then have discussed the idea. The abundance mentality is believed to arrive from having a high self worth and security, and leads to the sharing of profits, recognition and responsibility.

    I felt the University paid for itself in just watching one of the videos they’ve put out. I watched the PPV video about five times. It comes with survey-style landers, normal landers, reference of PPV networks. There are NO affiliate links on the stuff linked to. Really everything you need and the instructions on video – I mean, if I can’t figure it out with that, I should probably stick to flipping burgers. Someone put a lot of thought into this.

    They are now starting a contest on PPV marketing (yup, there’s still time to join the contest) – The contest is designed to teach the ropes of PPV marketing by starting out with a simple Zip/eMail submit Direct-linking campaign, learning to set it up and optimize it to get it profitable. Ryan is posting step-by-step videos on doing everything, and folks are sharing their campaigns. To keep it competitive the only thing we’re not disclosing is the target URLs.

    What’s the Prize? … Does it matter? I would do the same if it was a lollipop or a Ferrari – The true prize is the EXPERIENCE, the Knowledge and who knows, maybe a friend or two – the rest is anecdotal.

    I do feel pretty lucky to be a part of the contest as it unfolds – It is *exactly* what I want to learn and done in a great way – Plus Ryan and folks answer questions in a very straightforward manner, holding nothing back and really guiding folks.

    Really great work on the part of Ryan and team, and I have to thank Mike for egging me to join up.

    • Mike Chiasson 11:23 pm on August 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Haha I am going to laugh when we are all geared up for the contest and then next week we are all asking for discounts on the membership since we blew all our cash on campaigns!
      My recent post Fully Revealed Campaign – Making Money on DirectCPV

      • Slave Rat 1:13 am on August 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Dang, man… Are you sure that’s the way its supposed to work? I’m going to get my burger-flipping spatula ready, and go apologize back at the drive-thru.

    • Justin Dupre 10:21 am on August 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      o_O nice Gratuitous Eye Candy section!

      • Slave Rat 3:35 pm on August 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I say, if you can’t give them great stuff to keep them coming back, throw in some tits and ass and see what happens. Just like at tradeshows!

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