Bizarro World Leaks Affiliate Marketing Bollywood Film Starring Anik Singal

I just can’t stop laughing. The amateurs pose as strippers for ClickBank products, the felons do sweat lodges and the pros do Bollywood films to promote shit…  I’m not even sure what he is promoting, whatever it is I bet it ain’t free and it ain’t funny what it does to your finances. I’m sorry Anik, I’m sure you are a nice guy full of shit.

You just HAVE to watch this video. Here’s the source page too.

Gotta love the call to action: “Start your lethal agent training.”

So I go… “Who the fuck is Anik Singal and why would he do such a movie?”…  I visit his site and the first thing I see is the motto “When Life Pushes You… Stand Straigh, Smile & Push Back” – I like it, reminds me of Cave Johnson’s ‘lemmons’ bit… When life gives you lemmons, burn life’s house down! Fast-forward to 1:00 minute on this next video – it is a funny part of Portal 2.

So I dig a little deeper by visiting someone with a nose fine-tuned to the smell of bullshit and a keen disdain for just about anything: PPC.BZ,  best useless affiliate news source out there, and discover Anik actually swore off bullshitting people two years ago. Check it out, its kind of amazing what he admits on the video there, especially since he never stopped doing it.

Here’s the “People buy my lies and expect the magic that I duped them into believing, to actually happen” video. I’m not sure what is more amazing, that he actually did this video or believing your BS to this level. I guess the latter – I wish I could take the blue pill like he does.


Strangely enough, Anik seems to be only a tiny blip on The Salty Droid’s radar.

Now personally it doesn’t matter to me if he is out to scam the planet, the way I see it he keeps the idiots busy. This whole secret agent theme and movie gig is just hilarious, though – Had to share.