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  • NegBox 1:39 pm on March 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: boxee, popcorn hour, xbmc   

    Boxee 4 Me! 

    I’d love a Boxee from D-Link to upgrade my current Xbox/XBMC media streamers…  These guys might want to think about adding an e-mail “Tell me when you launch it” box.

    How about Popcorn Hour? I don’t know… Boxee looks way cooler!


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  • NegBox 1:51 am on March 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    The Grass 

    The grass *is* greener on the other side, but you have to know how to mow it or the weeds will eat you alive.


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  • NegBox 10:13 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Dynamic Keywords – Bad Idea and Good Idea 

    The dynamic keyword ads did NOT work. Their performance sucked across all the search engines I tried. However, I can drill down and cherry-pick the ones inside the group that DID work!


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  • NegBox 5:46 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: AIDA, needs, Pre-lauch, wants   

    Money pit: Needs-based pre-launch 

    I’m no genius on product launches. I get emails from a launch of a needs-based product (ie: You NEED a plummer to repair a leak. You WANT brighter teeth.).. They suggest sending emails to my lists about their launch. How would that ever work? You NEED a needs-based product when you need it, not before, not after. In the sequence of Awareness, interest, desire and action… I can’t see generating awareness for a needs-based product as anything but a waste of everyone’s time. Imagine you have a pipe broken and gushing water in your basement, and I manage to reach you with my pre-launch. Are you going to wait a month for the release of my Sonic Screwdriver and use your basement as Koi pond while I get my shit together? Or are you going to move on and get Mario to fix the damn leak?


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  • NegBox 5:22 pm on March 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ValidClick   


    Today I saw this on my PPC tracking:

    It caught my eye because it came with broken URL parameters. I check out the URL that drove these guys to my site and its starts with http://feed.validclick.com/monitor.php?key=tag-

    What is this? I went to http://www.validclick.com/ and started reading… I’m trying to understand what these folks do… and why they’re driving traffic to my site – even if it was just one visitor – its coming with all sorts of tags, including an affiliate ID. Is someone re-selling my ads?


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  • NegBox 9:52 pm on March 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 6020, Camera   

    Got my Olympus 6020 Tough in the mail! Awesome.

    Things I notice:

    1) Looks awesome

    2) To charge the camera, you have to have the battery door open. Are these people retarded? This is supposed to be a waterproof camera – Charging should be by induction coil, not hard dock, let alone with a sealed hinge open and exposed.

    3) The battery fits in backwards just as easily. This is dumb. The Canon guys got this right. Why would you allow a battery to be shaped so that it fits in the wrong way too? Just to piss folks off?

    I’ll keep posting nuggets. I know its a really good camera… Lets see it first-hand.


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  • NegBox 3:45 pm on March 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    Pissing on my SHOEmoney System Subscription 

    Data point: I subscribed to the ShoeMoney System in January on Launch – I’ve been paying $197 for the past two installments and the 60 days ‘clickbank refund’ window will be up in two days from now (the 26th) for the first installment.

    Mind you, I used my own ClickBank affiliate link to sign-up. That way eventually it would only cost me $100 a month.

    Got a nice e-mail from John Chow’s e-mail list last night: He has a link that will get me the Shoemoney system for half price, for a total of $97.

    That really pissed me off. I asked myself… So am I going to keep paying $197, when I could be paying half – Heck I don’t even know what the commission level John Chow is getting. He might be getting $0 and struck a deal for his readers (Can you believe I actually thought this? I’m way more stupid/naive than you imagine).

    So I did my worst-case scenario: I sign up at $97, the difference is minimal between paying $197 and getting a $100 kickback versus paying $97 and getting $0 kickback. So worst-case I cancel the new membership with an “oops, my mistake for ordering twice the same thing”. No-brainer, nothing to lose here.

    As I was driving in the morning I had a brilliant idea (yeah, right)! Maybe I can fire up my ShoeMoney System campaign and slap some half-off ads and kill it! .. Depending on the commission level, which I can find out by signing up.

    So I grab John Chow’s link, and of course it had “ttznet” as the Clickbank affiliate when you get to the purchase page. For a moment I thought about leaving JC in there, nothing to lose from my current vantage point (yes, I’m really that stupid). Then I thought what the heck, I’ll just change it to me… But how?

    I fired up the LiveHTTP extension to Firefox so I could see the URLs getting requested. It went from Aweber to XR.com (a URL shortener) for some reason I have yet to discover (why not direct from Aweber?), and from XR.COM to eventually an unencrypted Clickbank URL http://ttznet.shoemoney.hop.clickbank.net/?sku=1262274158&item=2

    I thought – Awesome, all I have to do is replace ttznet with my own affiliate ID. Turns out, the deal is a bit more exclusive than that. No matter what I put in there, I would always wind up with Chow-Chow as my affiliate, chomping at my wallet. I was clearing the right cookies. So that’s kinda shitty – That means the shoemoney system was rewriting the affiliate to John Dot Com Pho Chow. Oh! A puzzle! Awesome! So I set about figuring out how to get myself in there, and I did manage it. Here’s how:

    I opened the order form of the special offer, and looked at the URL. Can’t tell much by just looking, need something to compare it to, so I opened my own normal Shoemoney System hoplink – copied them to a little doc and compared them. I spotted two differences, a “?time=1269…” part that had a different number between them and a bit at the end of the URL that was missing from mine “%26item%3D2” – those %26 and %3D are encodings of & and = respectively. … So all I did was grab my order form and append “%26item%3D2” to request the other product and presto! The right order form came up, and I was able to sign-up for $97… And found out what Johnny Boy’s take was.

    Much to my surprise, when I logged into the affiliate account, I had freshly-minted $44.37 – So the offer included a 50% commission for the affiliate.

    I just sent my cancellation notice for the one paying $197-100=97, and will keep the account paying $97-44=40. I can deal with $40 a month.

    I haven’t been able to figure out how to offer this offer myself – Looked at the headers and URLs from Clickbank and I’m not sure – The best I could do was to clear the affiliate to “none”, but can’t seem to set it. By what I can tell, going further into getting my ID in there would start turning too close to black hat.

    You know what pisses me the most about all this? The brazen lies like: “16 students has already
    taken advantage of the offer since last night. 19 more and the deal will close for good.” (copied from John’s e-mail). Everybody does this – but just because everybody does it doesn’t mean its a good practice for your peers. Its hard enough to build rapport, let alone a community, now imagine you slime-ball your peers. Unless you’re just aiming for their wallets. Bingo.
    That’s just not good business practice – In business and life: Talk straight, walk straight.

    So how do recurring businesses tackle launching at a premium and later offering lower prices to reach wider audiences? There are whole chapters in marketing textbooks about this – I’m sure there are whole books too, though I haven’t checked. How would I do it? One word: Tiering. Tell people that already signed up that they are at the Gold level and give them monthly bonuses and differentiated service – People can sign up at Gold level, or join low at Bronze member – and they can go between levels. Presto! Tiering is a way to maximize the revenue from a service – Why not do it here instead of pissing people off?


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  • NegBox 2:10 pm on March 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Automattic, , ,   

    This “P2” theme from Automattic serves its purpose well. Since it ain’t broken, I’m going to try to fix it! Its a great way to procrastinate on more important stuff


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  • NegBox 2:40 am on March 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Adult, Biz, GFY, Porn, SEOMOZ   

    Porn anyone? A while back I though to myself… “I wonder if there is money in Porn affiliates…” .. Of course there is – Its one of the natural (non-artificial) programmed imperatives. Trouble is, the market is crazy saturated. Still that didn’t scare me, so I went digging a bit.

    Sidebar: Interesting SEOMOZ article: http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/yes-dear-there-is-porn-seo-and-we-can-learn-a-lot-from-it

    I didn’t have to go very far to realize I wasn’t going to cut the mustard here. I landed on the “Go Fuck Yourself” forums at http://www.gfy.com/ .. they have some very interesting “Educational Series” http://www.gfy.com/forumdisplay.php?f=38 with some pretty advanced shit technical-wise and business wise.

    Anyway, I checked out what these guys do, followed threads and links at Go Fuck Yourself (gotta love the name of the board) and I just can’t do it – There’s no way. Its not about ‘moral’ qualms or anything of the sort – this is business. Its not about ‘what will they say’ or family, etc, etc… Its way simpler than that for me. All the tits and ass are just way-way-way too distracting. I would never get anything done. I seriously wonder how the hell those folks manage to concentrate on the task at hand with all the body parts flying around…

    I got thinking…. “Could I create a gallery page like this? Could I explain to a designer what I want on a page or banner? (I could already see myself reviewing the design of a Hentai banner: “No, no, no… The tentacle has to go in the *left* ear, but the jizz comes out the nose – and can you make it look like a jizz tsunami?” Then I thought… Would I go in and touch-up the text or the action on an animated blow-job banner?” That ended the train of thought…. NEEEEXT!


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