WTF Facebook Ads – Idea for a Site

Here’s a free idea for the taking:

Photo sharing site that focuses on botched online ads. Like this one from Facebook:

My initial thoughts when I saw this ad:

They give me the wallets of 16 seniors?
No, its an offer for wallets for seniors, they sell me 16 of them.
What’s the long-legged girl have to do with wallets?
Wait, it says below to book my senior session and get free wallets. WTF is a senior session, and why would I want free wallets?

I decided to go ahead and click to see who the advertiser was.. A Photographer from another town. I gather that “Senior session” means High-school senior, and not “65 and older”. Pretty mis-targeted ad to boot – I’m nowhere near being a High School senior, and if my daughter were going to be a senior, you ain’t gonna convince me to get her into a photo shoot with a picture of a skank – What kind of father tells themselves the story that their daughter would look good like that pciture? Hellooooo!!!