Wibiya Toolbar

Check the toolbar at the bottom of your browser window when you’re viewing negbox.com. That’s the Wibiya toolbar. What a stupid name for an awesome app – I keep misspelling it every time I want to go to their site. I had this thing running on another site for a year or two and its come a long way.

Wibiya makes it really easy way for folks to mess with your site a little more. Its free, it has a truckload of features and “apps” you can add/remove, and even I can figure out how to use it.

This will only be interesting if you’re running content-rich sites. It might help if you’re trying to convince Google your site doesn’t suck – by lowering the bounceback rate and increasing the time folks spend on your site…  What? You thought Google doesn’t know how much people spend on your site? They know what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow, and even how much salt its going to have.

One tip if you use the toolbar on a site: Less is more.