Why are Monsters Green?

Why are monsters green? From Shrek to ‘Mike’ in Monsters Inc, The Hulk and a host of others – The main color of “mosnter” is green. Why is that? Green is all around us in plants. Is it to be a “strange” thing? Why not blue? Blue seems much rarer in our environment.

´╗┐Infected mucus is also green, but I don’t see that as doing much. I don’t think plants (or anything green for that matter) were ever our natural enemies to get programmed into genetic memory. Perhaps we’ve evolved to not eat green shit – considering we can’t really digest plant cellulose, and quite a few plants are downright poisonous. Aha! that might be the ticket – quite a hard to prove one – Why would we be scared of moving green and not stationary green, and thus be grass-a-phobic too? Movement of something that our brain considers stationary? Could that trigger something in our primitive minds?

Talk about some mid-morning rambling.