Today I have to use FBLM… FML!

Today I’m building a Facebook page using FBML – FaceBook Markup Language. It’s FaceBook’s idea of messing with people. You have the ability to edit pages and add special Facebook elements, but there is no Facebook-provided application to display such a page, you have to install Joe Schmoe’s FBML app to the page – and then the FBML documentation might as well be written in Sanskrit with examples illustrated just like the Pyramids. There is no editor, let alone a WYSIWYG editor. There is a great business opportunity for a simple FBML editor (not Dreamweaver), yet nobody I know has stepped forward- and I’m no archeologist…

Its pretty clear in this area they don’t really give a damn – they figure folks will work out how to use it no matter how difficult they make it.


PS: I’m using one of my site’s TinyMCE Advanced and its WordPress instance to edit the basic HTML I need… That helps some.

PPS: For those of you behind the times, FML is short for Fuck My Life, as popularized by that site.

Update: Really nice tutorial on using FBML to create an e-mail submit from a Form on Facebook. For more general – but pretty awesome resources the Hyperarts blog has a whole slew of really good FBML how-to articles.