Thin-Slicing Your Customers

They say to hunt something you have to become it. I (you) need to understand your customer’s motivations, and particularly the stories they’ve been telling themselves.

Here’s what I picked up at the store…

Amazing read, both of them. I didn’t know poor ‘O’ had been a teenage prostitute that had a secret child with a customer who paid her $5… Or that Obama had been born in Africa, and here all this time I was thinking he had had a tanning bed accident.

I’m looking at EVERYTHING in these two magazines. They’re targeted at a demographic I need to hit, and they’ve been at it for a long time – Clearly they’ve got something good here. I’m looking at the ads inside – What do they sell? How do they sell it? What are the stories that these folks tell themselves (example: gifting a diamond means I love you, getting a Harley means I’m wild)? … What are the headlines like? How does the cover present things so people “click” and buy the rag? What are the colors they are using? What words do they use?

Did I mention about the ads..? You owe it to yourself to look at the ads on magazines like these – the big ads, the ones that have been professionally written and tested. These magazines are also full of quizzes and IQ tests… That’s exactly the kind of connections I’m trying to uncover.

If Malcom Gladwell’s cited research in Blink is right (and it seems it is), this is pretty much all I need – more would probably hurt my efforts.