Technorati’s Twisted Sense of Humor

I have an RSS feed that uses a Google query for my name… And no, my real name is not “Slave”. Every day I get random stuff from Technorati in that feed. I don’t quite get it – It seems that Google is picking up my name as part of the post tags! My name is nowhere to be found when I get to the article, however… In this case that’s a real relief.

I couldn’t resist an entry with my name in the tags, titled “Scareware Scumbags Facing Fraud Charges” – For a moment my heart stopped – I thought they found me!

Its about a $100M scareware fraud… I love how the article ends…

Unfortunately, the two guys that ran the main operation, Bjorn Sundin and Shaileshkuma Jain, live in the Ukraine and Sweden respectively. In really nice houses. Where they’ll probably be able to hole up watching movies and snorting coke off of hookers’ special places until they die.

The article does highlight how you have to think globally in everything you do… No matter how legit it is.

Scareware Scumbags Facing Fraud Charges