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  • NegBox 4:04 pm on May 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Good Hard Drives 

    I’ve found a nice little company that puts together consumer and pro-sumer external storage devices – hard drives. They are Cavalry storage an their stuff can be bought on Amazon, buy.com and other places. Check out dealnews.com for good deals on their stuff too.

    Why are they good? Warranty. It’s not the story you want to hear – it’s the truth (BTW, last I checked drives were designed to last at most 5 years). Over the past two years or so I’ve had two drives sent in for warranty with Cavalry and had no trouble dealing with them. I’ve decided I’m not going to deal with half a dozen manufacturers, just Cavalry and save myself the headaches.

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    Headway Marketplace 

    Nice! Clay and team have opened the doors to the Headway Marketplace. If you don’t know what it is or why you should care… Read up, you’re missing out on the WordPress theme to end all Themes.

    Headway Theme Marketplace

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    Managing a WordPress Blog 

    Fantastic post by Michael Grey on how to create and manage a WordPress site. Killer Article – I’m clipping and saving.

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    Creepy Virtual People – Sitepal Resurrects Max Headroom 

    This has to be the creepiest way to promote your site – Virtual my ass… This is a “rubber human” and its as ugly as they come.

    I had seen this tech a while back.. Its just now got advertised on one of my sites and I had to check it out… Found the source, its called Sitepal – World’s Creepiest Contest Winner.

    I’ve got no clue if this converts better or not. It probably does convert better than just plain text – Not so sure about a video, and I’ll put my hands to the fire this shit doesn’t convert as well as a real actor.

    Still – For some uses its brilliant – Imagine Obama endorsing your “Stimulis” subprime loan offers, or Oprah singing praises about your latest Colon Cleansing with Acai berry juice rebill. Creepy, you betcha. Genius, totally!

    Can anyone say Max Headroom?

  • NegBox 4:03 am on April 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    DigitalQuill Has Best Datafeed Plugin for WordPress 

    Digital Quill seems to have the best and pretty inexpensive (around $40 – unlimited) plugin for using datafeeds on a WordPress site – Or importing from Excel or CSV file into WordPress. Read the tutorials and seems really good for what I need… It even updates posts when you change the source file! Nice, real nice.

    I have a ton of data I need to make available – I am really good with Excel, so I can create and update Excel really easy. SQL commands – its been six years since I’ve done any serious SQL stuff, and even then it wasn’t that serious. This is a match made in heaven.

    Update: Theres a problem with this plug-in: PHP timeout. If you are trying to import a lot of records, depending on your host and your setup the plugin may time out and it has no provisions for recovery – it’s a manual and frustrating task. Backup your database before proceeding. I hear that WP Review plugin comes with “Importman” plugin – it seems to do pretty much everything this one does – I’m wondering if that works better.

  • NegBox 3:00 pm on April 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Referrer Cloaking in URL shortener 

    A couple of days ago I wrote about my little trick to spy on bit.ly links, which Johnathan Volk later picked up for an April Fool’s joke with a kernel of truth in it.

    There are alternatives to Bit.ly, but this one from a commenter caught my eye: Referrer.us does URL shortening and cloaking with sugar on top. That sugar can be as mellow as hiding the referrer or as naughty as faking it. The service looks full-featured and largely free. Nice.

    I do see a practical use for Referrer.us – Still, I have to say some of the black-hat folks and services I’ve seen go paranoid overboard in a big way. I accidentally scratched the surface of how Russian black-hatters move money around and it was freaking mad – encryption out the wazoo, multiple layers of e-gold and other virtual currencies with crazy names and crazy account and exchange schemes. I was trying to fund an account for a stupid service and finally gave up – It was nuts – It looked like I was about to launch an ICBM instead of spend $20 on a service.

    Its easy for a tech person to see all the holes and try to cover them up with technology – and it is also easy for the tech person to get lost in the details and lose sight of the goal – Unless you’ve got a swarm of determined hackers banging down your virtual doors, meet the challenge with the minimal amount of effort needed to accomplish the task and keep going… Security is relative, and never absolute – The best plan is to prepare for damage control, containment of the disaster, and quick recovery since you really can’t stop a determined hacker.

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    Firefox 3.6.3 Exploit is Out There 

    Damn. I can’t rememer exactly what I was browsing… Looking for some MAD TV stuff usin Firefox. I normally use several different browsers, but only FF and Chrome were active, and FF was the one I was using. Suddenly FF crashes and up pop this fake security scanne from an exe called VMA.EXE stored in Local Settings. It tried to make a network connection that the firewall stopped. I killed it and it came back up. There was anothe file in the same subdir with a number for a name and the same timestamp, both with hidden or system attributes. I nuked them, but they must have rewritten the EXE handler for Explorer.exe as no Programs would run – they would pop up the “select program to run this file with” dialog. I had seen a similar piece of shit a few weeks back in one of the kids machines.

    Messing with an infected machine is a waste of time. I immediately shut it off, popped in the Windows Home Server recovery disk and restored a backup. It didn’t look like this crapware was some sort of “sleeper” so I was back up and running with just a hicup.

    This reminds me… Maybe I should be using VIrtual Machines for browsing… I used to run my entire machine as a VM. I want to use VMs to offload a bit from my desktop workstation. This little incident was a bit of a reminder to stop goofing.

    • Mike Chiasson 1:22 pm on April 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Enjoy watching videos in your VM lol. I’ve gotten into a habit of launching a VM full screen whenever I have company over. Being a IT guy I never run a virus scanner at home on my Server 08 box and my girlfriend had some friends over and someone sat down on my computer and launched IE to browse some sites (AAHHHHHH!). The next morning I noticed that something snagged my open FTP credentials and replaced a javascript viri code before the tag on every page in my http://ftp….nice when I was hosting like 15 sites on that account.
      My recent post Scraper Sites Stealing Your Clicks and Cash

    • negbox 5:23 pm on April 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      LOL… Hadn't thought of that… The video part will suck though a VM.

      Some of this crap is incredibly ingenious. I isolated one of the kids computer when it got that and it was displaying FAKE PORN sites. Hilarious… To convince you to purchase the 'antivirus' it would fake pop-ups of porn sites.

      BTW, love your site – We're in the maze! LOL. I'm putting up a blogroll, and you've just made the list.
      My recent post New Fucking Instant Messaging Rule

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    Facebook Theme – and some minor bickering 

    Theme is called “Smells-like-facebook

    The story of how I bumped into it is notable… I was reading Jeremy’s post about Patrick Curl.

    Basically, someone had problems with a ClickBank refund on the Shoemoney System and Patrick jumped in and posted some conjectures about Jeremy – topped with a character attack (“He’s just a two bit thief.”)

    Then Jeremy comes out with a scalding post about Patrick, and adds a laundry-list of all the amazing stuff he has done. What the fuck? I love the post for the summary of Jeremy’s story, but seriously dude, nobody cares if he calls you a “Two-bit-whore-in-a-one-horse-town-with-a-one-trick-pony-five-cents-short-of-a-dollar” – I know Jeremy cares about his character (look at the reaction)- but do you really need to step down five rungs and address Patrick by calling him a “Social Media Idiot”.

    Ideally, Jemery should have ignored the personal attack and if he felt there was a need to explain what he accomplished in the past, then just do a nice “Story of” post and let it go… Align the messages and let them collide – don’t smash them and get splattered!

    Anyway.. All this bullshit was actually good! This guy Patrick is using a Facebook styled theme called “Smells-like-facebook” – Which looks wickedly like a Facebook page. I understand from one of the Sheomoney videos that Facebook doesn’t allow you to advertise and link to pages that look like Facebook… And Jeremy commented they convert like crazy. …. Hmm.. How about using this theme and driving traffic via some other means – leave facebook out of it.

    I see myself using the Theme Split Testing plug-in I got with WP-Smart Tools and WP-LinkEngine two of the most awesome-est tools in my arsenal.

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