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  • NegBox 8:14 pm on December 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Retargeting, Storm on Demand   

    Retargeting is the newest craze. You visit a site, then that advertiser can target you wherever you go across some advertising networks – like Google.

    It starts to get very creepy and ridiculous after a while, though. The bald dude from Storm on Demand has been following me around the net for over a week – I see him several times a day. I’m already a customer – this isn’t making me interested in buying more or inviting the dude for drinks or something.

    If you’re about to do a retargeting campaign, please think long and hard about your creatives.

    I for one wouldn’t mind if the ones chasing me around the net were Playboy bunnies – I’d be delighted. Then again I wouldn’t want hosting from dumb blondes.

    • Davey 1:28 pm on December 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      This fricking pedophile has been following me for a bout a month now. He is only chasing my in Opera so I had to go back to Firefox just to stop lookin at this asshole.

      Imagine my disapointment when I starting to get quite excited as I am scrolling down your blog I see a nice little piece of Gratuitous Eye Candy and then this fucker is back in my life.

      I was gonna go over to my Fav “TUBE” sites and bang done gone thanks a lot. Can you write some more shit to get this jerkoff off the front page of your site 🙂

  • NegBox 7:12 pm on August 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Filtered Clicks, , Retargeting   

    Retargeting PPV Pop-ups 

    Repeat PPV pop-ups from the same IP address seem to correlate (at least at a glance) with a drop in conversions and a dip in ROI. In other words: As days roll by I find myself spending on repeat pop-ups to people that didn’t bite the first time around, and they haven’t been chugging any of Morpheus’ blue pills either, so I’m wasting my money. Take a look at these two graphs – The first one is the Repeat clicks – The definition of repeat here is “coming from the same IP during the last 24hs” – which is leaving out repeat IPs hitting 25 hours later or two days later. I’m betting after running for any significant length of time this adds up fast. The second graph is the ROI for the same period.

    Prosper 202 Filtered Clicks Snapshot


    I tried to avoid repeats by tweaking the settings on the ad network – which seems to work for a time, and more or less randomly for me.

    So here’s a thought… Stick a cookie in their machine as they pass by and read it back when they’re coming in to create a sequence of landers/ads/offers that you can take the person through. Instead of trying to pull a one-hit-wonder, how about presenting them with escalating offers? Or how about switching to another niche?

    Interesting idea. It isn’t full-on retargeting – its still an interesting idea that could lengthen the life of a campaign.

    • Joseph 11:21 pm on August 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Great idea but Executing this must be difficult?

      • Slave Rat 4:20 am on August 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Joseph… Clearly, I’m not a genius here. Later in the afternoon it hit me that I’ve actually seen this before – I just didn’t pay attention since I thought it was just a fancy way to split-test.
        Doing this is dead-easy from the technical point of view. Just search for “cookie landing page rotator”. Barman from PPC.BZ posted a really nice one over at PPVPlaybook (membership required, not an affiliate link).
        Barman’s script can not only walk through a sequence of landers, it can also walk through a sequence of multiple sets of landers. Sounds confusing – essentially if you configure it right, it allows you to split test your sequence of landers; So if you have three for the first step, four for the second step, and two for the third step it will walk through the steps and randomly chose a lander from that set/step. That way it does both things at once – advances a sequence and split-tests it.
        The wizardry comes in building/choosing the right landers to put in sequence.

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