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  • NegBox 4:34 pm on May 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Live Happy, Live Free, Fire Your TV 

    I pride myself in having cancelled my cable service over five years ago. I’m not really TV-free – I have more TVs than people at home – but there is no cable or satellite signal – only our server with movies and series we want and whatever the kids watch online sometimes.

    The benefits of shutting out the mega-fuckheads coming through cable have been enormous. One of my favorites is being able to easily see the techniques used in advertising – by underexposing myself and then watching some ads while in a waiting room, like right now.

    I still remember what happned – I had the full cable package, high-definition DVR with multiple HD recording, all the channels available… And I would spend the only 20 minutes I could watch TV managing the space in the DVR!!! I got fed up of skipping ads, managing space, recording shit … Such a bad model. I just cancelled the whole thing. The first week was a little weird, then life resumed as usual, without the TV fucktards coming through with interruption marketing and backwards distribution models.

    Live happy, live fee, fire your TV.

  • NegBox 4:55 am on April 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Creepy Virtual People – Sitepal Resurrects Max Headroom 

    This has to be the creepiest way to promote your site – Virtual my ass… This is a “rubber human” and its as ugly as they come.

    I had seen this tech a while back.. Its just now got advertised on one of my sites and I had to check it out… Found the source, its called Sitepal – World’s Creepiest Contest Winner.

    I’ve got no clue if this converts better or not. It probably does convert better than just plain text – Not so sure about a video, and I’ll put my hands to the fire this shit doesn’t convert as well as a real actor.

    Still – For some uses its brilliant – Imagine Obama endorsing your “Stimulis” subprime loan offers, or Oprah singing praises about your latest Colon Cleansing with Acai berry juice rebill. Creepy, you betcha. Genius, totally!

    Can anyone say Max Headroom?

  • NegBox 8:33 pm on April 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    WTF Facebook Ads – Idea for a Site 

    Here’s a free idea for the taking:

    Photo sharing site that focuses on botched online ads. Like this one from Facebook:

    My initial thoughts when I saw this ad:

    They give me the wallets of 16 seniors?
    No, its an offer for wallets for seniors, they sell me 16 of them.
    What’s the long-legged girl have to do with wallets?
    Wait, it says below to book my senior session and get free wallets. WTF is a senior session, and why would I want free wallets?

    I decided to go ahead and click to see who the advertiser was.. A Photographer from another town. I gather that “Senior session” means High-school senior, and not “65 and older”. Pretty mis-targeted ad to boot – I’m nowhere near being a High School senior, and if my daughter were going to be a senior, you ain’t gonna convince me to get her into a photo shoot with a picture of a skank – What kind of father tells themselves the story that their daughter would look good like that pciture? Hellooooo!!!

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