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  • NegBox 3:19 am on November 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Decent Landers in Two Minutes Flat – WYSIWYG Website Builder 

    Its fucking retarded that DreamWeaver, Adobe’s top-of-the-line ($$$) web design package can’t just work graphically kinda like PowerPoint and then figure out what it needs to do to display your doodle as a working web page.

    Maybe there’s tons of wizards out there that know how to do just that with DreamWeaver. As far as I’m concerned – you can’t. I’m no dummy yet I couldn’t for the life of me find that functionality even poring over some Lynda.com trainings.

    Fuck you very much, Adobe.

    Enter WYSIWYG Web Builder.

    You really have to see this shit in action to appreciate it – Its a dream come true. You just plop down the graphics and move them wherever you want, plop down a flash control and put it wherever, bring up the properties of something and tweak the HTML, JS and PHP to your heart’s content.

    Make the image a link, overlay some text on it, put it on a layer, add an effect of it sliding in and attach a little button on the top that makes the layer “close” – bam, you’ve got a pop-up slider with a close button with your e-mail submit form in it… Wanna add a Captcha? Drag-and-drop, baby. Wanna create a long form with on-the-fly validation? Enter the Form wizard or plop the form pieces down yourself. You done? Preview locally with a built-in PHP interpreter or click publish to have it FTP the files wherever.

    It figures out what to turn into a GIF, what into a JPEG, what into a PNG, add the PNG fixes, sends it all out… Beautiful.

    Oh.. Yeah, want to stop Traffic Vance from showing Text Links on your landing page? Tick “Render as an image” in the properties of your text boxes and voila!

    This is really a very-very complete package for website design. No, you’re not going to create the next FaceBook with it, and no, you’re not going to win a Webbie award or some other shit for it – You’re going to use it to build unique and interesting landing pages faster than ever. Price: 30 day trial,  then $45 for the license. This tool is a no-brainer – gotta have it.

    Check it out: WYSIWYG Web Builder. (PS: No, I don’t get any sort of kickback other than a warm and fuzzy feeling)

    Update 11/22/10: Their forums are really good too. Look at this index of WYSIWYG Web Editor Extensions. Really impressive.

    • ctrtard 12:18 pm on November 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I remember Netobjects Fusion used to do this back in the day. You could drag and drop stuff, and basically just draw on a blank page and build pages in a few seconds. It used tables and single pixel gifs to accomplish its magicalness. Granted, the html source was horrendous and impossible to edit later, but the shit worked!

      I will have to check this out. As a side note, if you ever get around to compiling all this code in your background, you just might win a webbie in 2011!

      • Slave Rat 2:03 pm on December 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        YES! I remember NetObjects Fusion. It rocked. I still have a simple site or two I built using that thing backed up – I think my online resume was put together using that. You owe it to yourself to try out this editor – Its really super-easy and with a bit of tinkering to figure out how, you can pretty much insert your PHP wherever you want and modify the bejesus out of the HTML it produces – as long as you do it inside the editor, it will keep things sane for you.
        BTW, the code in the background is actually a snippet of Motorola 6502 assembler code – the first chip I learned how to program.

  • NegBox 7:51 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Accelerate, , , Landing Page, , Pre-Load   

    Speed Up Landing Pages and Redirects by Loading a Preview from a Content Distribution Network like CloudFront 

    If the offer you are promoting loads too slowly for sending it PPV traffic directly, or your own redirection is slowing down your pop-ups, here’s an interesting solution I developed.

    The idea is simple: Show the user the landing page even before it is fully loaded – so you get them to see the offer just a bit before they can actually interact with it – This way they hopefully don’t close down the pop-up because it catches their eye.

    What this does, in summary:

    1 – Take a snapshot of the landing page (you do this, manually)
    2 – Upload the snapshot and an HTML page to CloudFront
    3 – Point the PPV/CPV network to pop the HTML file instead of your tracking link
    4 – The HTML file, hosted on the Content Distribution Network (Akamai, CloudFront, etc) will load the snapshot from the same CDN and also load the REAL URL in the background in a transparent frame
    5 – When the real offer URL frame is fully loaded, switch the transparency levels and the real landing page appears instantly in place
    6 – All relevant URL variables get passed on

    The effect is pretty much invisible to the user – It just loads a ton faster- depending on the speed of where you’re redirecting to. Remember to optimize the snapshot graphic file you’re serving. In my testing (about 10,000 pops) the loss of impressions reaching the offer page went DOWN by 2%-3% (to 8% total – down from 10%) for direct to the offer, also this was 18% better (again in terms of impressions reaching the offer page) when compared to a slower redirect I used.

    As with everything, test it. What I did notice in testing was that it provides no benefit if the landing page is really fast already – the slower your redirection, tracking, offer or affiliate network servers are, the more juice you’ll get out of of this script.

    If you want to check the variables that are getting passed to the iFramed page simply use the attached “Variable Checker” PHP file.

    My original pre-loader used PHP for the redirection – take a look at it at the bottom, it is simpler than the Javascript based one – It needs your PHP processor, though – which slows it down. In that one, the way that the frames get flipped around after the real offer frame loads are much more clearly visible. Have fun!

    I’m placing everything in a neat ZIP file for you to download HERE:


    JAVASCRIPT-Based Landing page pre-loader


    Original PHP-Based Preloader (Not recommended)

    • CTRtard 12:04 am on September 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Good idea, I’m going to have to try this. Nice job!

      • Slave Rat 3:26 pm on September 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks. I found it is helpful when the performance of the redirects is unpredictable (ie: if you’re crushing your 202 server with traffic spikes) – Its pretty much invisible if everything goes fast. The biggest downside I forgot to mention is that it wipes your referrer with the domain name of wherever you are hosting this special page – Keyword tracking works fine, still if you look at the referrer field, they’re all your own domain. Depending on what you’re doing this might be an awesome feature, as you can blank referrers and accelerate landing pages all in one step.

  • NegBox 6:39 pm on March 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ClickTale, , Google Website Optimizer, Landing Page   

    ClickTale is awesome – Seriously. I enabled it this morning and I’m already the world’s biggest peeping tom – Watching over the shoulder of my visitors. I just watched a 14-minute session with my landing page in real-time – I turned off “skip idle” and dialed acceleration to 1x, so it played ‘real time’ – I wanted to closely understand what that visitor was reading – not statistic aggregates (which it gives me) but I wanted to run the movie in my head and see if I can trace back what the reader was thinking based on the recording and the search terms they landed with. It was simply awesome

    I had the suspicion that my landing page was doing too much selling after some pre-selling and I am losing people that way. Without any statistical rigor, I think that’s whats going on… The visitors I’ve watched go real slow and point at key pieces of info, but then seem to spot the pitch parts really quick and read them for about half the time they take on the other areas and then close the window. I’ve got to think about this… I know I’ve got to change the page, I may use Google Website Optimizer or Genetify, though ClickTale will probably break if I have both going at the same time (ClickTale and Google Website Optimizer) – its recordings will probably be inaccurate.

    The other thought is to use a “traffic saving” thing before people close the window. I have to re-read Google’s webmaster guidelines, I’m not sure that’s Kosher with them. I may have to have differentiated landing pages if that’s the case.

    Speaking of ClickTale, their plans go from free straight to $99 dollars. That’s quite the steep jump. If the price was something like $30, I would probably bubble them to the top of my ‘tool to get’ list. At $99 a month, its sinking to the bottom of my list for three reasons:

    1) It is not a do-or-die service. A do-or-die service might be a particular WordPress Plugin, your hosting plan, a domain name. ClickTale is a ‘polish and enhance’ tool, that allows me to get better CTR an probably move campaigns into profitability, or move them there faster.

    2) Its not automated, I still have to put a lot of brainpower to figure out what it all means. Brainpower costs time – oodles of it. Every hour of sheer brainpower costs something like five hours of other stuff: Eating, Sleeping, recreation, blogging bullshit, family stuff, all before I can put out that hour. In other words: manual stuff doesn’t scale, so the time consumption needs to be closely monitored.

    3) It won’t play well with Google Website Optimizer, especially for a multivariate experiment.

    2) To see a $99 ROI I need to sell a lot more than the piddle selling I’m doing right now. And I’ve got no way of seeing the ROI with it.

    If they just had something in-between Free and $100 bucks!

    • jAc0b 8:21 pm on April 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      FYI reason 3). I’ve been using it for weeks now with Google Web Optimizer and it works better than fine! see:

    • Simon 10:32 am on April 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I use clicktail, it helps me know what is happening on my site and its heatmaps and videos show me i can increase my conversions

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