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  • NegBox 6:34 pm on July 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    List Control 2.0 from Frank Kern Capsule Review 

    Disclosure: I’m not an affiliate for this product, I don’t know Frank and I get no compensation of any sort here… Not even good Karma… I don’t even have to justify to myself I made a good decision spending 2K on a training course – ’cause I sure as hell didn’t. You can put down your shields.

    After watching the videos almost twice over I wanted to write a little review here.

    In a nutshell: List Control covers it all – Coming up with a potential niche, identifying personas, building the website, promoting it, maintaining it. It is very complete.

    How well does it do it? Pretty well I must say. He has the right focus -or at least my same focus- across several KEY areas.

    1 – Frank mentions in one of the early videos of the program that the goal of promoting someone’s product via your list isn’t to be an affiliate – its to test the market for YOUR OWN PRODUCT. Yup, he knows where he is going. Even before I started promoting shitty Clickbank eBooks I knew the criteria wasn’t just popular stuff – it had to be something I could visualize myself with my own product out there.

    2 – The way the program transitions from ‘driving-to’ the list and selling products is so smooth I wonder if Frank even makes the distinction in his head. The constant throughout is good will – see #3

    3 – Good will. This shines through his entire program. “Do the customer right and they will do right to you.” Now I don’t ascribe to the ‘kumbaya drum circle hippy surfer pothead lets-make-the-world-a-better-place philosophy – the way Frank presents it, however, works. It works for very simple reasons, see #4

    4 – Frank seems to have read a couple of texts on NLP and influence. I’d bet any money he has read Robert Cialdini’s original book on the six principles of influence -that one is a masterpiece. Now NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, is a pseudoscience at best – however the parts of NLP that seem to be in the program (you can tell by the funky names of mundane shit) are very mild and clearly in line with more scientific literature, so it works well.

    Some higlights that come to mind as I’m writing this:

    1- Understanding that you want to be selling your own products, and even have affiliates sell your stuff.

    2 – The idea of forming a Trade Union. Good discussion on how to go about it.

    3 – The explanations of his tactics on what he calls ‘triangle of trust’, boomerang, and results in advance.

    4 – The discussions and highlight of what worked in about 4-5 other launches and products – those are invaluable case studies.

    5 – The walkthrough the “mysterious stranger’ video he put together earlier this year – really good. You can see he is thinking of the emotions he wants to evoke on his target market. I’ll add to this that the idea of evoking emotions is a great thing to do while creating text for websites of sales pages. I’ve got an interesting process to do this for written pieces, which I’m hoping to share someday when I get a bit of time to write it out.

    6 – Walthough the Magic Bullet System launch videos and messages.

    7 – The ideas on building trust and understanding trust as a currency with your list subscribers – as well as mean of generating reciprocity, scarcity, and authority.

    Somewhere along the line you have to ask yourself how much Frank knows about marketing stuff to people outside the internet marketing community. Its a bit of a mystery – it does seem Frank has been extremely focused on the Internet Marketing market for the past few years, and that takes away some punch from the program.

    The bottom line is that this program is very-very good. However this doesn’t matter one bit unless you put it into practice.

    Is it worth the $2K price? It depends. If you’re not going to apply it, then it isn’t worth two cents. If you’re going to use it then it might be worth it.

    There is, however a way of selling via mailing lists that I believe is just effective, does your readers not just good but “awesome”, it isn’t new, and Frank doesn’t cover. I think its a real gem since I don’t see folks really doing it – probably because everyone has their heads up the shady Acai rebills instead of focused on getting folks to their destination. I’ll write up on this idea in a future post – not to be a dickhead and leave you hanging, I’d like to test this stuff before I write about it.

    PS: If you want to go get List Control – Google it, lazy ass.

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    Mailing Lists & Paying it Forward 

    I’m all giddy and excited – I’m sending out my first all-awesome-content e-mail to my awesome-o 4000 (I just had to) brand-spanking new mailing list of 16 subscribers!

    I’m not asking them to even click on anything… According to “The Gurus”, the ideal would be to have them click on a link to a video on my blog… The “Triangle of Trust” or something like that – reminds me of the ‘circle of trust’ from Meet The Parents. I’ll do that next time… We’re in roll-as-we-go mode since I just finished composing the e-mail and adding it to the responder series. I don’t have eternity to build a series before getting the site and list going… Dr. Kern apparently does everything via Broadcasts instead of responders – He forgets his mailing lists are his main ‘work’ – I need to be building for automation, with the added flourish here and there – my mailing lists are a money pit and time sink for me right now.

    I do wonder if the auto-responder is going to pick up and send “email #2” that is supposed to go out “Three days after the first e-mail” even for people that signed up five days ago. Will it ‘catch them up’? I’ll soon find out since I have a test address inserted into the list – seemed like a good idea.

    UPDATE: The Answer is “Yes, it catches people up to speed based on their sign-up date”. Nifty!

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    Are Non-techie Newbies Doomed? 

    I can’t for the life of me imagine a complete newbie with little technical background trying to make money online… Not like this, at least.

    Seriously… What Shoe is trying to do with the Shoemoney System is laudable – Creating an approachable course. Now come on… How could a complete non-techie do this stuff?

    I spent the majority of the day setting up aWeber on a site:

    1 – Getting the landing pages right – There’s the page when you sign up that tells you to confirm, then there’s the confirmation success page. You gotta do a bit of upsell or trust building or something in those pages while you have eyeballs in them – taking aWeber’s default is a no-go.

    2 – Get the hoverbox, the sidebar box, install them on the right places. Add the tracking codes for aWeber in the right spots.

    3 – Create a nice e-mail or two to greet them and point them to your bribe/landing page above

    4 – Drive traffic to it… Adwords, Facebook, Whatever… Don’t forget to track the traffic with Tracking 202 as well as the conversions with the Adwords/FB/Wahtever tracking snippets… Create a good landing page.. Campaigns.. And the Sub-id’s when folks click to offers.

    Those four steps are like hundreds of little steps, and I skipped some biggies in there – some way beyond the capabilities of non-techies.

    … and that isn’t even making me real money!

    If you’re reading my blog you’ve got a pretty tough skin already. I don’t mean to discourage anyone, but this shit is harder than it looks.

    • Mike Chiasson 1:02 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I agree. There is a ton of additional stuff you learn as you go. When you have an idea you don't think 'shit I gotta hide the referring page and then track sub ids….wait I have to track success ids on email submissions through aweber and then go over them, damnit'

      Then before you know it your simple landing page still isn't launched at 4 am.

      • negbox 6:00 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        You don't know what a relief your comment is. I was starting to think I'm a mega-retard. I try something simple: "Hey, lets add an e-mail list here"… Sure enough I've never ran an e-mail list, but how hard can it be? Then it takes me a week. Three days to get the content half-straight straight, two to sign up to aWeber to nail all the pages and forms, and one to glue it all together with traffic… Only to watch it do nothing on the seventh day… Almost biblical.

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