The Sum of All Choices

When you’re trying to find your customer to pitch them something – whatever it is – think WHAT WERE THEY DOING BEFORE THEY GOT TO YOU? What about right before that? What about before that?

Your customers, your leads (and of course you) are the sum of their lifetime choices, and even the choices of their parents and ancestors – Can’t underestimate the power of cumulative advantages; yet that’s besides the point so we’ll leave the ‘cumulative advantages’ chat for another day.

If your site visitors are going to make the poor choice of the buying the Google Money kit, or take out your Payday loan, they have likely been making poor choices all along in the same vein – So what kind of choices are your potential customers making right now, the day before they head to your highly competitive URL? Or type in that expensive keyword? Find them one day sooner and save a bundle on traffic.

This thinking is similar to trying to create “Personas” – just more direct.