Status Report – Sponsored Dweebs and Facebork

Its now eight hours later… I slept about four of those.

Sponsored Tweets report:

What I did with Sponsored Tweets was link to a CPA offer, but not directly. I linked to an instance of WP-LinkEngine so I can control things better. I did not link to a single offer – What I did was use WP-Engine’s geo-targeting option to send US users to the main offer I was promoting and all others to a backup offer on the same product with a lower payout. I told sponsored Tweets I only wanted US traffic… That’s not what happened exactly.

WP-Linkengine reports 1738 clicks, out of which 177 are unique clicks.
Sponsored Tweets reports 44 clicks
The ad network reports 1588 clicks – roughly 1300 went to the US offer and 273 to the international offer… And ZERO sales.

When I look at the user-agents of the clicks on my site, they’re 80% not users. Here’s a snapshot of the user-agent strings of the last ten visitors to the offer link – note that the link can only be clicked on from the Sponsored Tweets redirect – it isn’t exposed to any other traffic. Out of these last ten visitors, only #3 and #9 look like a legitimate surfer – The others look like bots.

User Agent of Twitter Traffic via Sponsored Tweets

Speaking of clicks… I’m not sure yet if Sponsored Tweets is ripping everyone off with the cut they take on the CPC side. Tweeters get told that per click they will receive an amount that seems to be 1/3rd of what I agreed to pay Sponsored Tweets for them. That’s about a 66% spread!

I’m intrigued to see where this is going – if you think about it, it is in the tweeter’s best interest to tweet offers that are really relevant to their followers, so they get more clicks. With a little salt, pepper and luck these are people who also complete the offer.

On the Facebook side of the house:

The ads to promote the doomsday page are still “Pending Review”. Probably because I said I was willing to pay $0.02 per click – yes, I pulled that number out of my ass. I don’t understand how the heck FB is thinking I’m going to spend $1.04 to $1.51 for a click to a landing page on their own website – screw that! My targeting options would have to be either freaking psychic or my landing page would have to be visual heroin.

Meanwhile, the traffic from the Amazon Mechanical Turk has already landed more than 20 fans (fans, not just views) at a rate of about $0.04 each – You do the math. I know its not the kind of traffic I want, I can tell by the dearth of actual site page views… Its a journey, not a destination.