Found a nifty little app called StatsRemote that can keep track of dozens of advertising as well as affiliate network accounts. By what I read this tool is pretty popular in the Adult webmaster industry.

The functionality is limited to overall stats, the price is around $30 a month. In a nutshell, it gives you a birds-eye view of your money going in and out (AKA: Cashflow) plus a projection for the entire month month/year and some stats. It doesn’t do SubIDs and I don’t think it can help optimize much – but its sure nice to see how big a hole I’m putting on my budget. It has an INCREDIBLE list of supported platforms – and they do work – If nothing, that list is worth a look simply because it acts as a directory of working shit by type – For example if you are looking at getting more traffic then their pruned list is pretty good, just as well if you suddenly fancy a bit of gambling.