Squeaky Wheel Gets the TLD

Browsing the available TLDs and noticed there’s a .CAT top-level domain extension. … I can imagine “Fat.cat”, “Pole.cat” and a whole other fun uses… Let’s check the requirements:

.CAT is a TLD reserved for people promoting the language and the culture of Catalonia (an autonomous community of Spain).
No local presence is required for the holder, however you have to publish a website within 6 months after the registration, in Catalan language.

What the heck is this? Catalunia? Catalunia is a piece of Spain – they speak a dialect of Spanish (Catalan). That’s like the folks from the Bronx getting their own TLD… “.BRO” .. Or the town of Belton lobbying for “.Belt”

If you’re going to add a TLD, to the entire freaking world, add something we can all use. Who the heck cares about Catalan?

Anyway… Back to my domain hunt.