Sponsored Tweets Adds PPC and Changes the Game

Thanks to Jonathan Volk I found out that Sponsored Tweets up-ended the Tweeting game. Now you can create PPC ads and toss them at the crowd of Twitter users – They take their pick and get paid per click.

This is a radical shift – The motivation and “action” button used to rest squarely on the advertisers, who would pay per ‘mention’ or tweet. The trouble with that model is that you have to pick who tweets your tweet. A tweet about a lingerie offer coming from me is probably worth $0.01, the same tweet coming from Lady Gaga is probably worth $400,000. With the “pay per mention” model advertisers had to set a price point and target the users they wanted to make an offer to at that price point.

On this new PPC model the advertisers sets up the payout per click and make the offer to the entire community. The community self-selects! Pure genius.

As a rather excitable guy… My goal for today is to do what I had planned PLUS get a PPC campaign going here. There are very few active campaigns – I want to get in now while people will SEE my campaign. You go ahead and wait a couple of weeks – the list of offers will be FLOODED and advertisers will have to game the sorting in addition to everything else.

Hold all my calls for the week – I’ve got some money burning a hole in my pocket!