ShoeMoney System Postmortem

WHM Control Strip

If you understand these terms, the ShoeMoney system is not for you. If you don't, you're fucked.

The Shoemoney System should have been titled “The ShoeMoney Internet Marketing Hands-on Review”. It was clearly not geared towards me, or anyone that has half a clue – I thought Jeremy would go in-depth somewhere, but that was not the case. My bad, that sure was some money down the toilet… Jeremy’s toilet.

So who is the ShoeMoney System aimed at? Its aimed and complete n00bs with no tech experience and no business know-how.

This is a segment that honestly needs to know the truth and its a little disappointing when the truth is sugarcoated this much – never mind the claims of $2.5K in coupons, which turned out to be ‘$300 in coupons you already have and and are tired of getting in the mail every week’.

I’m not saying my particular path to profitability is the one everyone should follow, but to this day I’ve done all of the six paths Jeremy mentions (yes, even eBay) and they’re all both A) Hard as balls to work profitably and B) Require a level of tech expertise well beyond the newbie. Forget the business aspect… The tech aspect should kill most folks dead in the water.

Jeremy covers outsourcing the creation of things, like your logo or maybe a product. What these folks really need to know is to outsource the technical or specialized work – figuring out who to send it to and what to expect.

Somehow.. I don’t imagine a 50-year old mother of three understanding what the hell is going on the WHM control strip in the picture to the right… The Business concepts are nice, but how the hell do you give folks the “technology common sense” so they can figure stuff out? I’ve seen it dozens of times – Folks that are over 40 today as a general rule did not grow up with their hands on computers and half the time they’re afraid they’re going to break something.

It seems half of this internet marketing business is actually figuring out WHERE the business is. For that you need a basic understanding of how Web servers, DNS, and HTML work.

It was fun – and I did pick up a trick or two, but if you’re reading my blog, you’re not the audience for the ShoeMoney system. Moving along…