Prosperent – I am in Love!

Wow… I never thought I could love again… I wrote two days back how Fukital ads from Amazon suck ass and how I was going to have to use my brain. Turns out I was wrong! No, Amazon still sucks ass – and their piddly commissions don’t help their cause… I was reading’s post on auto-blogging and it mentions Prosperent as an ad network that does exactly what I needed.

I thought it would suck… I wrong! I punched in three keywords that define what people visiting my site want and this is giving me a TON of on-target offers.

Un-fucking-believeable. It took me less than 20 minutes to sign up and set the whole thing in motion.

UPDATE: Wow… Wow… Wow… Wow… I’m plastering their code all over that site and as I’m doing it and refreshing the pages I see that they’re scanning the pages too… haven’t peeked at my server logs – don’t need to. Between my keywords and the scraped content (I do have good META tags) the offers they’re putting up are like a freaking laser beam shot into the visitor’s brain.