Projecting Confidence – Alexander Technique

I’m going to give you a movie-star secret – Its a pro acting secret that can improve your image, your self-image, help you project confidence in person and even over the phone. It can also help with back pain and muscle aches.

Sounds too good to be true? It really isn’t – Like all things that are good and beneficial,  it just takes time, work and moolah. Its something I bumped into several years ago: The Alexander Technique.

Its a way of re-training you on movement and posture. Unfortunately, it isn’t something you can get even a basic understanding by reading a book or watching the few training DVDs that roam the net – this is something you have to take a class on and experience it yourself. Trying to understand it fully or learn even a little bit by reading or watching would be like trying to learn how to swim -even a little bit- without ever getting in the water – It just ain’t happening.

I found some really inexpensive Alexander Technique lessons at a local university campus – on their non-credited courses… I’m sure you can find an instructor wherever you are – do yourself a favor and go to just one session, then tell me what you think.