Pop Me Baby, Pop Me!

Following Jonathan Volk’s lead I installed one of LeadImpact’s adware crapware toolbars into my machine. I tried Hotbar first but my antivirus kept deleting the executable in the middle of the installation… Fortunately they have several crapware offerings and I managed to get one going.

Platrium Crapbar

The Platrium Crapbar

Pop me, baby… I want to see what this looks like! I’ve never had this kind of trash installed on my machine.

<ramble> Speaking of popping… Reminds me of balloons… And the girls on this site.. All combined reminds me of an out-of-this-world sex fetish I saw… Some folks get turned on by popping balloons… Like girls squatting over baloons till the balloon pops – I’m looking it up now and they’re called “Looners“. Can you believe that?

You gotta be kidding

If you’re reading this and that balloon stuff turns you on, I’d love to know what childhood experience caused this – Believe me it ain’t freaking normal to get turned on by balloons. If you can’t even believe this exists – check out the link. Its just… weird.</ramble>