One Weird Resolution for 2011

I have a single goal for 2011: To smoothly transition into affiliate marketing full-time.

Not so weird. And not a resolution. I don’t do “resolutions” – as if my willpower was lacking and it could be improved by merely “willing it” or “really, seriously, positively deciding”. That only works in the fantasy wonderland where most for self-help retard gurus live.

Its a goal I’ve been working my balls off towards achieving for a while now – and it isn’t going to get any easier.

Every single word of my goal is important. I need to move in controlled fashion – There are a lot of people depending on me and I have to make sure I don’t drop any balls along the way or as I make the jump.

My guesstimate here is that I will be able to pull this off around August-September 2011 – So that’s what I’m shooting for.

I’m not a young kid in my mom’s garage anymore, so it takes planning and foresight – This whole transition feels like preparing for a samurai duel on a tightrope: There is no margin of error, there is no dodging, there is no out, there is only pure focus on execution.

So, I’m going to kick off my 2011 main goal by going to ASW 11 in Las Vegas on Saturday and getting completely shit-faced! … Oh, yeah… and networking with folks!