Obama Email Submit Exposed in Pictures

Shady email submit using Obama’s face, exposed for all to see page-by-page – Because I’m a dick, and I hate it when I don’t think of scammy stuff before someone else does.

I was just browsing a website when this window appeared. Mr. President wants to talk to me!

Obama just wanted some input on his campaign

He asked me about Donald Trump

... and Sarah Palin

... and Ron Paul. I was sure he would put this information to good use.

Obama kept his word and let me select my prize. My three very valuable minutes were turned into a $500+ electronic gadget. Gotta love the stimulus.

I chose the iPhone! So excited to get my prize!

Obama wanted to know my e-mail address. How else is he going to ship my goodies? By e-mail, of course!

After I gave him my e-mail, I was surprised he STILL had more questions for me.

He started getting really personal with the questions. I guess he might want to invite me for dinner. Or maybe an extra-special prize! Or a mortgage rebate!

Maybe he was going to offer me a job... Or sucker me into a payday loan?




I thought he would give me a scholarship!

Or a new checking account!

Then he asked me about my credit score. I've got no clue, maybe he can send it to me.

Jesus Christ how many question does the president have?

Finally I get to the last question, again... I can't wait for my iPhone! I know Obama won't let me down - He's the president of the USA!




What the hell, mofo!? Now he says I need to complete two "offers" to get my gift. What kind of gift is this? I don't understand why it says on the top right that I selected the Dell computer instead of the iPhone - whatever, I also need a new computer!

I thought ok, I just buy two crappy things and get my prize, so I got some teeth whiteners and Dr. Seuss books for the kids. Couldn't wait to get my stuff. Then this son of a bitch tells me I need to complete NINE more offers. Fine, I'll buy myself nine more useless things...

Ah! finally, after I bought eleven pieces of shit, I get some bonus offers right before my prize. I'm just gonna skip these bonuses and head for my prize... So I'll click the bottom link...

What the fuck now? Where is my prize? This lady is talking to me about credit cards. Lady, tell me about my prize, not credit cards god dammit!

Maybe Obama is just going to send me an e-mail asking me for my shipping address for the prize... Lets check my inbox. ... Strange, I don't remember signing up for financial aid, scholarships, government grants, credit reports or auction places. Oh well.. I'll just wait, maybe Obama is going to call me!

Shady email submit using Obama’s face, exposed for all to see page-by-page.