Money pit: Needs-based pre-launch

I’m no genius on product launches. I get emails from a launch of a needs-based product (ie: You NEED a plummer to repair a leak. You WANT brighter teeth.).. They suggest sending emails to my lists about their launch. How would that ever work? You NEED a needs-based product when you need it, not before, not after. In the sequence of Awareness, interest, desire and action… I can’t see generating awareness for a needs-based product as anything but a waste of everyone’s time. Imagine you have a pipe broken and gushing water in your basement, and I manage to reach you with my pre-launch. Are you going to wait a month for the release of my Sonic Screwdriver and use your basement as Koi pond while I get my shit together? Or are you going to move on and get Mario to fix the damn leak?