Mailing Lists & Paying it Forward

I’m all giddy and excited – I’m sending out my first all-awesome-content e-mail to my awesome-o 4000 (I just had to) brand-spanking new mailing list of 16 subscribers!

I’m not asking them to even click on anything… According to “The Gurus”, the ideal would be to have them click on a link to a video on my blog… The “Triangle of Trust” or something like that – reminds me of the ‘circle of trust’ from Meet The Parents. I’ll do that next time… We’re in roll-as-we-go mode since I just finished composing the e-mail and adding it to the responder series. I don’t have eternity to build a series before getting the site and list going… Dr. Kern apparently does everything via Broadcasts instead of responders – He forgets his mailing lists are his main ‘work’ – I need to be building for automation, with the added flourish here and there – my mailing lists are a money pit and time sink for me right now.

I do wonder if the auto-responder is going to pick up and send “email #2” that is supposed to go out “Three days after the first e-mail” even for people that signed up five days ago. Will it ‘catch them up’? I’ll soon find out since I have a test address inserted into the list – seemed like a good idea.

UPDATE: The Answer is “Yes, it catches people up to speed based on their sign-up date”. Nifty!