$77 – The Magic Number

Doing some mild research… Scanning the HTML of some offer pages.

First stop was Saj’s Zero Fricti0n Marketing, where I looked at the HTML and found this nugget right at the top:

<!-- saved from url=(0052)http://www.rogerscopy.com/Saj/images/salespage2.html -->

I decided to check out Rogerscopy and its the site of a copywriter. Quite a nice unintended endorsement from Saj – Now I know who might be good for copy-writing for a launch. Bookmarked.

The other thing that caught my eye was a call to an off-site script:


I moseyed over to “The Site Rush” and realized its another of Saj’s sites – no mysteries there, he isn’t hiding it. I got curious to see the price he put on this one…

Its the magic number…


Seventy-Seven is the LARGEST number (from 1 to 100) that is perceived as the SMALLEST number. I believe reference to this research is in Robert Cialdini’s latest book (“YES!”)- I remember reading it from a reputable source and checking up on the research – Its was legit. When it comes to prices and spending money, $77 is perceived as a smaller amount than even $76, and is the largest number that is perceived as the smallest.

PS: This is the first post where I’m putting affiliate links. I’d suggest replacing with your own if you really want any of the stuff I ever mention, but if you just want to send me money, then by all means… Go for it. I followed NickyCakes advice and got an ID specifically for the blog – So no reversing.