Live Happy, Live Free, Fire Your TV

I pride myself in having cancelled my cable service over five years ago. I’m not really TV-free – I have more TVs than people at home – but there is no cable or satellite signal – only our server with movies and series we want and whatever the kids watch online sometimes.

The benefits of shutting out the mega-fuckheads coming through cable have been enormous. One of my favorites is being able to easily see the techniques used in advertising – by underexposing myself and then watching some ads while in a waiting room, like right now.

I still remember what happned – I had the full cable package, high-definition DVR with multiple HD recording, all the channels available… And I would spend the only 20 minutes I could watch TV managing the space in the DVR!!! I got fed up of skipping ads, managing space, recording shit … Such a bad model. I just cancelled the whole thing. The first week was a little weird, then life resumed as usual, without the TV fucktards coming through with interruption marketing and backwards distribution models.

Live happy, live fee, fire your TV.