Learn Internet Marketing

Last week I joined the Super Affiliate Twins’ Internet University.

I have to say I’m impressed. Very positively impressed.

Ryan and crew are all over the forums giving good solid advice and literally shepherding folks along.

When they say that they teach all this about internet marketing, they aren’t joking – All the modules are up and you can get access to it for a one-day $5 trial or just go for the monthly membership.

The best part  is that they’re small... That probably won’t last very long. The second best part is that it shows that Ryan and the crew are interested in seeing folks succeed. Its not common to see an abundance mentality at work in such a competitive landscape.

Abundance Mentality: Stephen Covey coined the term abundance mentality or abundance mindset, a business concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and success to share with others. It is commonly contrasted with the scarcity mindset, which is founded on the idea that, given a finite amount of resources, a person must hoard their belongings and protect them from others. Individuals with an abundance mentality are able to celebrate the success of others rather than be threatened by it.
A number of books appearing in business press since then have discussed the idea. The abundance mentality is believed to arrive from having a high self worth and security, and leads to the sharing of profits, recognition and responsibility.

I felt the University paid for itself in just watching one of the videos they’ve put out. I watched the PPV video about five times. It comes with survey-style landers, normal landers, reference of PPV networks. There are NO affiliate links on the stuff linked to. Really everything you need and the instructions on video – I mean, if I can’t figure it out with that, I should probably stick to flipping burgers. Someone put a lot of thought into this.

They are now starting a contest on PPV marketing (yup, there’s still time to join the contest) – The contest is designed to teach the ropes of PPV marketing by starting out with a simple Zip/eMail submit Direct-linking campaign, learning to set it up and optimize it to get it profitable. Ryan is posting step-by-step videos on doing everything, and folks are sharing their campaigns. To keep it competitive the only thing we’re not disclosing is the target URLs.

What’s the Prize? … Does it matter? I would do the same if it was a lollipop or a Ferrari – The true prize is the EXPERIENCE, the Knowledge and who knows, maybe a friend or two – the rest is anecdotal.

I do feel pretty lucky to be a part of the contest as it unfolds – It is *exactly* what I want to learn and done in a great way – Plus Ryan and folks answer questions in a very straightforward manner, holding nothing back and really guiding folks.

Really great work on the part of Ryan and team, and I have to thank Mike for egging me to join up.