Integrate – Network for Ballin’ Outta Control

Imagine you were the only marketer out there promoting something hot. Imagine you found something to sell where you have NO COMPETITION.

Creamed your pants yet?

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That’s what Integrate does for me. They are the wide open field of affiliate networks and marketing. Instead of fighting for table scraps with three thousand other hungry affiliate dogs, you get to go hunt your own prey in the whole wide world.

The catch, and some background:

A few weeks back a great affiliate manager introduced me to – First I have to say “THANK YOU” that quite literally rocked!

Now here’s the catch –  I honestly wasn’t sure they would let me in to the platform since they are clearly geared towards high-end businesses – So don’t get your hopes flying high as a kite here, you might bounce like a rubber ball on this one.Quintippio Photo I can’t stress enough how much weight human relationships and your connections will have here – and everywhere that matters, really. How you handle human relationships is what separates momma’s pimple-ladden garage-dwellers from the men – The men know this, the boys are in denial, and the men know the boys are in denial. Enough cheap bullshit… Here is where that affiliate manager friend made all the difference in the world.

Here’s what sets Integrate on a whole ‘nother level:

  • You can chat/email with the people who own the offer you are promoting
  • You can negotiate a payout increase directly with the offer owner based on your lead quality and your marketing expenses – You can create a win-win!
  • You now see and negotiate your “cap” for each offer. You can have a set allocation (in number of leads or conversions) per day and per month of each offer – This is part of the initial and ongoing negotiation with the owner of the offer. This helps control cashflow immensely.
  • You can ask the owner of the offers for permission to run in some traffic source or promotion method they didn’t even dream of
  • You can ask for other countries, other demographics, other ANYTHING
  • You have TWO people helping you get balling – a product specialist to help you find deals that work for you and even negotiate terms, and an account support person for the daily activities.

The offers Integrate has fall into one of four main categories:

  • CPA (Cost per Action): You get paid when the user completes and action on the offer website. This is the bread-and-butter of just about every other affiliate network out there.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead): This is sometimes called “Host and Post”. You own the webpage that captures the information and then send that information over the Integrate platform to the offer owner.
  • CPIC (Cost per Inbound Call): You get paid when you get someone to call a pre-set phone number.
  • CPLT (Cost per Live Transfer): If you have a call center, you can transfer hot leads to the offer’s call center and get paid when the caller stays on the line X number of seconds.
  • CPFCLD (Cost per Full Contact Lap Dance): You wish.

The variety and ways of promoting all these just boggles the mind – and the Intgrate platform has a checkbox and offers for pretty much anything you can think of.

Advertising networks feel cramped with retards and brand advertisers when you try to promote something and the costs are out of this world. Then you go to the 2nd tier ad networks and you can’t target shit because the traffic volume is so low you don’t even know if its working, that’s if they have any decent targeting controls.

Now imagine having the medium’s minimum cost and the ultimate in flexibility.  This is what happens when YOU set the rules of the game. Co-reg? No problem. Incent? Sure thing. Want to roll your own content lock? Go ahead. Promote in Swahili to Tanzania? Just ask!

There is only one downside to Integrate – It can take you a couple of days to negotiate with some offers – you get your own terms, your own pages, your own cap, etc – at the expense of some planning before hand; So sometimes you can’t just decide to go live spur-of-the-moment, throw some traffic and see what happens. In this system you also have a reputation to keep track of, and you can view the reputation of people putting in offers too!

Which brings me to the brilliance of Integrate… The trust system.

A key to dominating a market is to own a trust system, ideally the first one, like eBay. Inside of Integrate you can actually see the different companies putting offers, their descriptions, their volume, their volume of leads and the volume of returned leads per each and every single campaign they put up. Conversely, they can see YOU – they can see how many leads you are driving per month, they can see how many leads you sent that were returned to you for bad quality, heck they can even see the average of how long it takes you between the time you agree to run a campaign and when you start sending it live traffic.

ADHD summary:

  • Integrate is not a CPA network, its a unique platform.
  • It rocks.

Update 6/1/2011:

I see some folks took me up on this network –  Leave me a comment with your impressions if you get approved!

Sometimes its hard to visualize the possibilities without an example. So here’s one, without factoring in negotiating anything – just taking stock offers:

Grab a campaign that promotes a Dell or Hewlett Packard webinar (there are tons) promote it on Facebook to people working in IT. You create the landing page where you capture the user’s information, use Google website optimizer to optimize the heck out of it. When the user submits the information – where do they go while you send their data out? They go to a page that thanks them for the webinar submission, confirm their data just in case they typed it wrong, and asks them if they are interested in furthering their education with a Master’s or PhD. As they fill that out or confirm your pre-fill, you can ask them if they are also interested in the ITNews (I made this one up) newsletter that takes co-reg – since you have all the data, all you have to do is provide them with a little checkbox. You could do this last co-reg bit up-front too.


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