I’m probably promoting a failure. There …

I’m probably promoting a failure. There is something wrong in all these stats and numbers.
Let’s take a look. YouTube reports some 3k views of the video that is in the thank you page in the past 19 months. Mind you I have no way of knowing when the video was actually added to the “thank you for buying” page and weather it was used consistently. Judging by everything else, this is probably the case.

So.. 3k impressions on the video means 3k units sold over 19 months, which is lame… worse still, this product has a triple-digit gravity in Clickbank. I’m seriously wondering how gravity is calculated and I’m doubting the whole “gravity” idea. Seriously concerned about that.

I know this is a good niche, and I know a ton about the subject. I’m going to have to figure out a way to increase my conversions, because clearly the single offer itself is not going to cut it.

Int he best of possible worlds, this merchant is making $10-12 per sale on this product, which works out to 36K over 19 months – 1.8K a month. Did I mention this one is NOT one of the best worlds?

Something that pisses me off to no end is that he has a nice upsell on the thank-you page – out of which affiliates get zilch.

Then they force customers to submit e-mail and of course they’ve got an autoresponder on it. The first product they blast you with seems to be from them directly, but then its all Clickbank products.

So much for that. What am *I* going to do here….?

Off the top of my head my alternatives seem to be:

1 – Turn the landing page into a review page with multiple products.

2 – Set up an autoresponder series and try to capture peoples emails – perhaps using a shadowbox signup from Aweber. Mind you I’ve never used Aweber but I keep hearing good things – either they’re really good or they have a killer referral program.

3 – Use Google Website Optimizer or maybe Genetify to optimize the bejesus out of this.