I See Buyer Data

Something that struck me as odd is that I can see the full name of the people that buy through my affiliate ID in Clickbank. I’m seeing much more information than what I imagined spread to the four winds. Let’s see:

1- I see the full search terms that drove the visitor, not just what I bid on.
2- I see the mouse movements of the visitor on my site, when they left, when they came back, what they highlighted, what they clicked.
3- I see their e-mail and name

That’s a heck of a lot, considering that all I’m doing is acting as a go-between.

By the way… Another conversion tonight! .. After days of dry traffic.

Clickbank Sales Snapshot - 03-30010

But this really sucks – By the time I can dedicate some time to my site(s) I’m falling asleep. I’m getting about 3-4 hours of sleep a night – I’m going for the Deluxe night tonight… Five hours!

Something’s gotta give.