How to Get Into Any Affiliate Network

In two words how to get into pretty much any affiliate network:

Jack Nicholson A Few Good Men You can't Handle the Truth

Brutal Honesty

Its that simple, really. Plain old honesty.

Most of the time folks asking about getting approved into CPA/CPS networks are afraid they won’t get accepted since they have very little experience. The formula that has worked perfectly for me is just being completely honest.

If you have zero experience, just say it.

Think about what will happen if you manage to convince your interviewer that you have more experience than you really do, or that you can crap smoking hot leads out of your ass.  What next? Three likely scenarios:

  1. Nobody will notice or care
  2. Your affiliate manager will notice you’re a tool and don’t fit the network – At best you’ll get shit treatment.
  3. You’ll get booted out, never to be let back in.

What would happen if you are brutally honest and tell them: “I was just reading this blog with naked chicks and….”. Two likely scenarios:

  1. They’ll approve you.
  2. They’ll tell you to come back with some battle scars and you can re-apply some time down the road.

Brutal honesty in this case means that:

  • If you have only done SEO with Clickbank and nothing ever worked – and hope the network CPA offers work better – Say so.
  • If you just want to add the same offer from multiple networks to a rotation, say it.
  • If you just read a blog and have no clue where your ass is, say it.

You can’t lose with the truth on this one. Worst case, you’ll come back some other time. Best case, they’ll help you learn what you need.

And the truth shall get you dough…

PS: If you do things even half right, as the affiliate managers you work with start moving around networks and companies, they’ll hit you up to see if you’re interested in working with them at their new place – This can open some pretty interesting doors for you.