How to Avoid Getting Screwed by Internet Marketing Douchebags

Practical checklist to spotting internet scammers trying to fleece internet marketers.

The only thing you need is a bit of an ability to read your own emotions and this handy list. Don’t surf without it!

You know you are about to get scammed when:

  • You feel you’re going to lose out if you don’t do something now.
  • You are told how much the “free stuff” you get is “really” worth.
  • The offer is for a really short limited time (less than two weeks) and it is stated up-front.
  • The product is “closed” and there is a waitlist.
  • E-mails from the person contain your first name even though you’ve never met them.
  • You can’t believe the amount of good stuff you’re going to get for such a low price.
  • The price ends with the number “7”, for example: $37, $77, $197, $297.
  • As you’re making the purchase, you are offered something additional you didn’t even know was available when you started the purchase process – Sometimes free on trial basis.
  • There is a flashy video on the website – it has really cool animations that look like a Hollywood movie.
  • You are told how many of the product, seats, or promotions are available.
  • There was an error (doesn’t matter of what or whom) and now as ‘compensation’ or ‘grandfathering’ you’re entitled to something – like a discount or a bonus product.
  • The website has the look and feel of a Squeeze Page (RUN!)
  • The product website has more than four or five pages of information to scroll down and read.
  • The website has any sort of anxiety questions like “How would you feel if your neighbor became rich with this and you didn’t?”
  • There is a photograph of a product box or a bounded book, meanwhile the product is a book in PDF format, a piece of software, or access to a website with videos.
  • The ‘lessons’ will take place over time, even though they are not really live.
  • The Salty Droid talked about it.
  • You’ve won something, even though you made no effort to win it (pushing a button does not constitute effort).
  • You’ve found the answer to all your problems.
  • The product allows you to get big rewards with very little effort.

Now, now… Many legit products will show up with one or two from this list of shame. Simply put, if you hear good things from your friends, then it doesn’t matter what the site looks like. If you don’t hear anything other than hype, hope and expectation – close your wallet, make a note and come back to the site in a month – if you still want it a month later, get it… Or search… Whatever floats your boat.

# You’ve won something, even though you made no effort to win it.

  1. You’ve found the answer to all your problems.