How to Find a Good International / Offshore Hosting Company

After much searching I found a good host. I was exploring the maze trying to do a bee-line to the answer (Why do they call it a Bee line when bees do not fly straight at all?). In the end the way I managed to find them was by going into a hosting directory like hostsearch and NOT going with the companies they list. The process is simple:

1) Go to HostSearch

2) Pick your country and scroll to the middle/bottom of the list (avoiding the sponsored listings)

3) Pick a random host

4) Go here: Who Is Hosting This and figure out who hosts the hosting company. You’ll get their company name and IP. Check out the company and the IP on a geolocation tool. If the parent company is where you want it to be – geographically speaking – Go forth, young man!

5) If not, repeat with next hosting company on the list

This little process gets though the barrier of Crapellers – My new term for Crap Resellers. Sometimes the parent company offers only high-end stuff, but sometimes it offers the usual fare. You can go for a reseller account yourself!

Have fun!