Hostgator into SEO Hosting

Wow. I didn’t know Hostgator was into SEO hosting – I read the description of SEO hosting just a few days back – It means hosting multiple websites on a bunch of IP addresses of different networks so that search engines see them as really separate sites and not a link farm. Search engines got smart a while back and realized that if links coming to a site are all from the same network, its likely a site trying to game the search engine.

SEO gamers counter-move is SEO Hosting – A hosting service which provides you IP addresses across many networks.

I considered this a really gray area and didn’t expect to find Hostgator offering it on a dedicated site. And yes, its them – its not an impostor, I got the link from a support tech thread I was reading. This site is hosted on Hostgator.

By the way… What the heck does a hot chick have to do with hosting?

Don’t answer that… Sex sells. Why don’t they bundle a “porn network” subscription with it? Might sell hosting like hot cakes!

I remember there is a blogger in this internet marketing space that puts hot chicks in between his posts – I can’t for the life of me recall the site’s name – And believe me I’ve looked. If you know who I’m talking about – send me a link!

I’ll get back to this hot chick situation sometime. I’ve noticed something in the affiliate network manager pictures… You know where I’m going.

Take a look at Pepperjam network’s front-page picture:

I joined this network quite a while back.. I thought these guys put random hot chicks on the site cover to attract testosterone-ladden lads. I’m slowly discovering this isn’t the case… Seems to the untrained eye networks have a bias when it comes time to hire affiliate managers. Why can’t they look like:

Am I really going to complain? Um… No, not really. Just point it out.