Holy shit! Three conversions today Monda…

Holy shit! Three conversions today Monday! I decided to check Clickbank before tumbling into bed – I have to wake up in four and a half hours to take the kids to school (who was the fucktard that decided school should start at the crack of dawn?). Anyway.. Wow

Awesome. I went a little deeper here… Looks like I need to swallow my words from a previous post. I am seeing three conversions, but only two names in those three lines. My first thought was ‘a duplicate billing’ – but its not – The second like with the repeated name came in three minutes after the first one and its for a bit less than half – that’s the up-sell! This person bought the initial up-sell after buying the product. The item number is different, the amount is different, the personal info is the same.

So awesome – I’m dying to watch this on ClickTale tomorrow. It has to be tomorrow because I’m about to pass out now.