‘Hacked’ the offer site – WTF!

I’m finding tons of signs that the product I’m promoting is done by a complete n00b – I mean, I’m brand spanking new, but these guys are beyond belief. Out of curiosity I checked out the robots.txt file on the offer site and it contained a map of all the pages nobody is supposed to see. I went to all the pages – They’re all unsecured (don’t need any cookie or anything) and I could actually snag the product – which I already had via a torrent, but I snagged a new and enhanced version… No hacking involved, all I did was look at a fricking map that every search engine and bot would look for. Yes, a map.

Now I’m trying to figure out why the hell Google is tracking a conversion not he home page but not on the ads. So I decided to pay the “Secret” pages a visit and look at their source.

It hadn’t dawned on me that one of these is on the check-out path and contains a self-running video. Interesting bit, the video is hosted on YouTube. I didn’t know YouTube allowed private videos to play without athentication. Turns out, they don’t. The video is public. Nice. I can see the upload date and the number of views. Who does this shit??